The Impact of Marketing on What We Choose to Eat

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The Australian guide to healthy eating is pretty much a diagram of all the different food groups it can be used by Australians who want to become healthy and is a guideline to help them too. On the diagram it has little tips on how you are supposed to eat and it has helped many people improve their lives in very healthy ways.

There are many barriers for why people don’t use this diagram, some people cannot afford all the products needed for a steady and healthy diet, some suffer from addiction and some simply put are too lazy and just can’t be bothered.

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The reason why these two boys have different food and calorie requirements is because they have two different lifestyles. Boy A is a stay at home he plays games in his spare times and his priorities would be more towards fun instead of physical activity and a healthy diet and lifestyle, well as boy B spends his time working out and watching what he eats and staying fit and in shape his priorities would lay towards fitness and personal health like his diet. There are many factors that can affect how much food you must ingest and what foods you must have such as how often you work out, how tall you are, how much muscle you have and so on.

There are many ways that fast food outlets try capture a kids eye some of the many ways would be make it fun maccas alters the look of their food to appeal to certain people like the cheeseburger mini they did that to make it more appealing to young kids because it makes them feel big and they also have kids meals that put it in a fun box that is easy to open with a fun collectable toy inside.

The media plays a massive role in convincing the youth and other members of the public to buy and eat fast food products and other food places like restaurants and buffets. These places use very smart ways to advertise the food business such as the newspaper and commercials on the TV. It is possible to buy a section in a newspaper where you can place your add for everyone that reads the new paper to see, commercials are an easy way to draw people in and get them interested in buying your product because a very large amount of Australians watch TV and YouTube this is where you buy a time slot in ad breaks in shows and you play your recorded add.

Like I said there are many ways to draw people in another way to draw in youth and members of the public is product placement. Product placement is when you pay TV show producers and movie producers to let you use your products on set while cameras are rolling this tactic is an extremely effective way to promote your business or products because an extremely large amount of Australian youth and general public. Another form of advertisement is poster boards this also works really well because you can put them pretty much anywhere including signs busses shopping centers and many more places.

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