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The Impact Of My Mother On My Life

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There is some point in our lives, where we come across a someone who will leave a powerful impact on our lives. For me, this person has been there since the day I was born, my mom. She taught me everything from my first few words to good morals. Growing up my mom took the decision to stay at home with my sister and I, so she would make us fresh meals, take us to school and extracurriculars, help us with homework, and made sure the chores around the house were not our concern. She decided to be a homemaker at the cost of becoming a school teacher because she wanted us to do our best at school without worrying about other things.

My mom is an incredible woman; she is hardworking, kind, caring and strong. She has been my mentor and best friend. My mother has always stood by my side and has encouraged me to follow my passions while staying true to myself. She is the person who I look to be my role model because no matter what obstacle is thrown at her, she will fight back with her percestance. There was one time that my mom had given me some very powerful advice. I was in 7th grade, my robotics team had been working for months, preparing a competition. There was a lot riding on winning this competition; we could finally get recognized by our friends and the school.

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The morning of the competition I was extremely nervous, I was pacing back and forth in the kitchen. Then I heard a voice prompting me to stop; I turn around to see my mom seated at the breakfast table. She then spent a few seconds analyzing me and then said “You know I can’t understand why you underestimate your abilities. You have already put in all the hard work, so just go and have some fun at the competition”. I stare at her, confusion, wondering how she expected me not to be worried about the competition. There was a long pause, and I had to say something, so I pretend to give in and reply, “Ok I will go to the competition… and have fun?”. My mom laughed and answered “Nithya why are you so stress? What is the worst that can happen, losing? You need to enjoy things like this because when you grow up you will miss the fun days”. I look at her, still very flustered, and I said: “Ok, I will relax”. She then gestured to me to go get dressed. Once we get to the competition, I found it impossible to stop my heart from pumping against my chest and the knots in my stomach from tightening, but when my mom put her hand gently on my shoulder I felt calm once more. I decided to take her advice and took some time to enjoy the competition with my teammates. At end of the day the results rolled in and my team got 2nd place! My mom’s advice has stuck with me since that day. I started to put more faith in her advice because they have given me more confidence and determination.

My mom has positively affected me in many different ways, and I am glad to have a mother like her. My mom is my greatest influence. Her goods ethics and determination and has been my inspiration to get through the good and bad times through my life. She strives every day to make me a better person, and in return the I want to make her proud. Have you spent some time to appreciate the people who have shaped you into the person you are today, if not you should! There are so many people we don’t thank enough for inspiring us, and lucky for me this person has been there my whole life.


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