The Impact of Networking on My Personal and Professional Development


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In a fast-growing world, where technology plays a vital role in people’s lives, the role played by networking in building confidence that lead to professional development is undisputable. A teacher, a doctor, a tutor, a boss will likely agree that networking plays undeniable role in career development and in building strong professional relationships.

At the beginning of my experience as a teacher, confident of myself and abilities, I looked at networking as daunting and time consuming. It took me no time to realise that I couldn’t be more mistaken. Eventually I opened the door when opportunity came knocking to realise the magical effect of networking on both my personality and professional development. I came to realise that in a world where knowledge and development isn’t bound to a set of chairs and in the classroom, networking plays a part. When we connect with people who share us our career ambitions and goals, we can uncover many opportunities that led to career success and development.

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As an English teacher, I started to connect with many people who helped me to stay on the top of the best trends in my profession and gain access to plenty of useful teaching resources that fostered my career development. When I started teaching at school, I made use of the school’s network which helped me to Keep in contact with teachers from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, American, Koreans, Dutch, Indonesian, Lebanese, etc. sharing ideas and experiences shaped my identity as an English teacher and widened my circle of influences. I learned something new from each person I met and talked to.

Networking is a prerequisite requirement of being a university lecturer. When I started my career as a lecturer, my social and communication skills were strengthened, and my confidence was boosted. First, attending seminars and conferences on various academic topics, being engaged in social and academic events and being the Facebook admin of the Department of English, on the other hand, resulted in having a large network with a high diversity of acquaintances. This wide network was a key contributor to my success.

Networking has absolutely played an incredible role in my seven-year teaching experience and helped me better reflect my passion and drive towards teaching. As I advance in my career, I will allocate more efforts to networking. Besides providing me with world-class academic development, Cheveing offers a golden opportunity which allows me to share not only knowledge but also dreams and ambitions. As a result, if selected for this award, I will continue to apply diligence to networking.

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