Political Impact on Growth and Development of a Families


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The state, the politics and the rule of low determine all aspects of our life. As we have to live our life in a community, we have to accept the rules made by the elected representatives of the majority. Most of our activities depends on our rights and obligations, which lay down the borders of our possibilities.

Before analysing how much is the impact of politics on families we have to define the meaning of family. Family is a single word with many different meanings. In generally we can use the following definition: family is a fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children, but the state give us a more stricter definitions by the low. In Hungary the low don’t allow the marriages of a same-sex couple, only the marriages of opposite-sex couples, so these two types of couples aren’t recognized as equal by the law.

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If we want to marry and settle down, it is not enough to find our partner with different gender, we have to get the permission from the state. If we don’t do that, we will lose all of the benefits, which the state offers only for the married couples (for example tax-reduction). This way family-life is controlled by the state from the beginning and all of our decisions in connected with our family is determine by the state, the politics and the low.

To live in a family is not enough to have a partner or be married, we have to have child or children as well. No doubt that the most important questions in our life are to have or not to have a child or children, how many children to have and which is the correct time to have children, and these questions can be answered very hard.

There was a time when kids were economic assets. (You had them on the farm and they took care of you when you got old.) Nowadays the cost of living causes problems for most of the couples. They are definitely not able to afford child-care costs. Other young people think that first of all they have to build a carrier, they have to earn enough money to buy a house or a flat, they have to have savings before they become parents. But today’s to reach all or several of these targets takes time and not a short time. The economy especially in Hungary is almost dead, it is quite difficult to progress. That’s why most of the young adults become parents only after 35-40.

The economic insecurity is the mane factor, which affects our decisions in the private-life, but the economic reasons aren’t the only reasons of not having children. Education, the labor supply, the social safety net, the lack of legal certainty and the support for working families, there’s a lot of concern about why today’s young adults aren’t having children.

To turn the process, to motivate the couples is the task of the state. The economy should be stronger, we need some actions to support families. Life is expensive but the life with children is more expensive. Many families depend on women’s income, which means that if they don’t earn as much money as before their child was born, a huge financial problem occur in their everyday life. The allowances during the time while mothers are at home with the children are very low, especially if the mother’s salary was high, and the another problem come up when the mothers return to work. This time many women face a “motherhood wage penalty”. In contrast, men see a boost in their earnings after the birth of a child. The women’s lower earnings means less income overall for families.

It would be necessary to make it easier for people to both raise children and build careers too. Government has to spend on childcare for young children, because the mothers can work only that case if their children are in a safe place. if there is somebody who can take care of them.

To live in a family, to have children are the most important things in our life for most of us, but the truth is, in most of the cases we are not able to enjoy family-life, because the parents are so stressed. They are worried about incomes, about the children’s education, about their future all the time. If the state is not give solutions for these problems, in the long run the deficit of the stability will ruin the families.

As everyone knows, the number of divorces increases year by year and the reason is not to get married at a too young age. To stop the further rising we need measures of the state. If the parents are able to work, if working people earn enough money to live peacefully if we can help people to handle the financially and economic problems, some of the families could be saved.

As you can see, politics have a huge impact on families. Not only to be a family but to stay a family is depends partly on the state.

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