The Impact of Social Media on Children's Mentalhealth

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With the advent of social media, an enormous stir in the world of Internet operators was created. It soon became a massive thunderstorm heard in every corner of the world.In 1970, Alfin Toffler predicted that’Future Shock, a prominent prediction that our lives would one day be lived via exchanges through computer screens.’As a matter of fact Toffler forecasted many things correctly, including the inconstancy of relationships, the prediction that people will become indolence with virtual communications, and that children will be more stimulated. In the words of Toffler, postindustrial society seems to have arrived. For instance, initially, there was television, then smartphones, and now social media have evolved into a fundamental part of daily life. Nowadays, with a click of the mouse, and with no moving an inch from the couch, one could buy a week’ shopping, look at the friend’s photos, communicate ‘face-to-face’ with everyone in the other area of the world.Some peolebelieve that social media is a blessing to humankind, and it is important because of the benefits it brings. Others think that social media has destructive effects. This essay will discuss the issue from the following perspectives: the influence of social media on children’s mentalhealth, the impact of social media on human communication,and its effect on marketing.

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To begin with, the impact of social media on children’s mentalhealth. On the one hand, some researchers state that social media helps children learn new things and substitute ideas. According to Mrunal, It has been observed that social media makes children more empathetic(Mrunal, 2019).On the other hand, some studies illustrate that the disadvantages of social media will overcome its advantages. A study of US schoolchildren found that those exposed to advanced levels of screen time were less capable of both read nonverbal cues and show empathy. From my point of view, today children are more reliant on advancedelectronics and fewer dependent on human communication and lack of interaction are known to decrease happiness and to increase anxiety, besides, the most notable drawback of social media is the addiction it creates. Constantly checking the news feeds of the different social media sites becomes an addictive habit. Besides, children’s minds are accepting templates, and social media can mold the manner your child thinks or behaves,which is unsafe becausethey are unable to distinguish good and evil.Thus, it will have irreversible consequences.As a result, parents play a critical part in children’s lives. Andthey always want the best for them so, instead of continually punishing them about the evil influence of social media, encourage them to have other interests or passions.

Secondly, about the impact of social media on human communication, Diaz et al. (2011) authorized that social media can enhance people’s ability to connect with others and form positive relationships with congeners. While according to (Tubbs 2010), people who are using social media extremely, in comparison to other people, demonstrate a higher level of aloneness and depression; I believe that Internet has been viewed as a rapidly diffusing technology that extends social contact. That is also where some people do go online and develop interpersonal relationships. However it is correlated to less family interaction and declining number of friendsand social media makes people more isolated. For instance,in the past, families used to watch TV together and spend a lot of time talking with each other, They talk about the small, trivial things as well as the grave, essential issues of life. Communication is the lifeblood of relationships. It is the way that love and other emotions are expressed.The data collected shown that social media usage has impacts towards the relationship between the family members. According to (2), 92% of the peopleconsentto interact more with their family members through social media. One hand social media is enhancing the interpersonal relationships among friends and family members, on the other hand the usage of social media has negative impact too. 8% of the people agree that they have abused time spent on social media and it has become ignorant to other family members. Although statistics show a high level of people’s satisfaction through social media but communicate’face-to-face’is still more critical and make the family relationship more cohesive.

Finally, Since social media is available through anextensive range of networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it has become a greatly used tool in marketing.Many individuals realize the importance of social media in marketing that is converted to a means for making money.While some state that in resulting unprecedented growth of social media in the last decade,some companies are shrinking.Although You can communicate with a high figure of people at a time through advertising on a personal page in social media, however, a weakly executed branding movement can destroy your reputation in a matter of minutes. You will eventually lose your customers.Therefore,customer dissatisfaction can pose a gigantic problem that criticizes the products and services you deal directly with social media deprived of even getting in touch with at first.Consumers who evaluate brand and product information from other consumers could be more tended to pay attention to negative reviews and comments rather than just positive ones (Breazeale 2009).in these circumstances, an irrecoverable mistake that you madecan end up becoming the defining moment of your business.

In conclusion, Referring to social media that applied in this research, it indicates that many people become dependent on the media to fulfill these need while,others disagree with social media because of negative impacts on children’s mental health, communication, and marketing. Even though there are lots of viewpoints that all of them could not be investigated in this essay, but the used studies open our eyes to some issues. I believe that it is impossible to prevent the growth of social media because the improvement of technology is rising at speed. Still, we can pursue some recommendations to decrease the negative point of social media.


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