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The Impact of the Autonomous Vehicle on Society

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With the findings explained, the answer to countless alarming questions associated to transportation is the autonomous vehicle. However, implementing the advancement will not be a simple task. Occupations could be at risk, in that, in the future, many different occupations could be subject to eradication. “Truck drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, parking lot attendants, ambulance drivers could possibly be substituted by autonomous vehicles in a highly sophisticated, combined driverless world,” says Frey. Some fear the likelihood of unemployment, so they may join in opposition of autonomous vehicle lawmaking.

Unfortunately, not all of traffic accidents and deaths. So, the question of who is responsible when an accident occurs is proposed. Clear classifications, rules, and guidelines must be established, since automobile constructors want to defend their properties and status. According to Noor and Beiker, “standards are needed to identify the responsibility of the vehicle’s manufacturer, service provider, operator, and other traffic participants, as well as the role of insurance” (2012, pg. 36).

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The first to request the government for lawmaking is Google. Google has paid approximately $9 million in 2011 and $9.68 million in 2012 petitioning politicians and legislative officials in Washington, according to a Wall Street Journal journalist named Amir Efrati (2012). Since Google advanced state lawmakers in California and Nevada, both states accepted laws that permit autonomous vehicles on the roads (2012). Florida has also legalized the autonomous vehicle, according to a writer for the New York Times (2012). Despite the success of the petitions, new concerns have sprung up. “The California legislature would permit companies and individuals to alter current vehicles with autonomous technology that could be defective, and that automakers wouldn’t be legally protected from subsequent complaints,” states Dan Gage, a representative for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, quoted by Amir (2012, pg. B1).

Dan Gage fears that anyone may easily change existing vehicles into autonomous vehicles. Gage continues on to say that “they are not all Google,” (2012, pg. B1). Gages is highlighting that it is improbable other companies and individuals are able to meet the same advanced quality and values found in Google’s intelligent research and design. Google’s Velodyne 3D laser is a vastly advanced system that uses a 360-degree rotation to sense objects (Kim, Yoon, Yu, Kang, 2012, pg. 762). Because of Google’s emphasizing that people’s lives would be protected, the law was passed, regardless of Dan Gage’s and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers’ fear (2012). Autonomous technology is clearly in its early stages and not yet prepared; time will tell when a compromise is reached between state officials and researchers that will be helpful to many.


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