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The Impact Of The Family’s Genetic History On Adult Participant’s Health

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For example, if the adult participant’s mother and both sisters have diabetes, hypertension, or cancer, what might that mean for the adult participant’s future health? An adult participant’s health could be highly affected by the family’s genetic history. As per the information collected about the different diseases that family members of the adult participant have (namely the mother of the adult participant and their siblings), the common diseases that have been diagnosed in the family are namely Anemia, Arthritis, Appendicitis, s/p appendectomy, Tonsillitis, s/p tonsillectomy, Hypotension, Fibroids and Thalassemia. Through analysis, it can be noted that the family has no history of Hypertension and blood pressure, which seems to be a good aspect for the Participant’s future. With proper diets and lifestyle, the participant can always ensure that he continues to avoid the presence of Hypertension in the family. However, there is presence of Hypotension in the family and hence it is necessary to regulate the diet of the Participant to avoid negative consequence of Hypotension.

Another important disease or condition to note is that there is a presence of mental conditions in the family such as depression, bipolar disorders or other negative mental health conditions. Therefore, there is a necessity for the participant to take good care of his/her mental health, seek periodical counselling and learn how to tackle life events with positivity and ease. It can be also seen how the participant’s sister works out excessively and maintains a constant healthy diet. Participant’s mother also has a condition of Fibroids implying that there could be a problem of hormonal imbalance in the family hence making it vital for the Participant to indulge herself in physical activities and a healthy diet. In addition, there is a high presence of conditions such as Fibroids, Tumors and Cancers in the family, which are also a result of unhealthy lifestyle, diet or lack of exercise making it necessary for the Participant to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

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Plan changes based on the evaluation of the adult participant’s family’s health history that will promote an optimal level of wellness both now and in the future. Include what information you would provide to the adult participant regarding the results of the family genetic history. It is necessary for the patient to indulge in healthy lifestyles and workouts, as there is an increased level of obesity related issues in the family. The participant needs to ensure that he keeps his/her weight under control, which would help, reduce the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and could even reduce mental health problems to a certain limit.

The participant also has Anemia and Tonsillitis, which implies that he needs to undertake a diet, which is rich in iron and zinc and increases blood levels in the body. The participant also needs to ensure that he/she engages in aerobic exercises, which would promote more oxygen levels in the body thereby increasing blood levels. Aerobic exercises are highly recommended for the participant, as it would help reduce the other health problems as well. Although the participant presently does not have any issues related to blood pressure or Hypertension from his/her maternal side, there is a presence of Hypertension in the paternal history of the participant, which could put him/her on future risk of Hypertension.

He/She therefore needs to reduce foods that are high in salt intake, fatty foods and ensure that they handle situations in a peaceful manner. Hypertension accompanied with a history of bipolar disorder, depressions, heart failures and cancer risks in the family prevails for the candidate. After analyzing the presence of such conditions, it becomes necessary for the participant to have a very calm and peaceful mind avoiding any kinds of stress. To ensure this, the participant should necessarily indulge in indoor activities such as Yoga or Meditation, which would help them keep their mind calm and handle negative life events peacefully. It would also help reduce habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol, which the participant has reported to casually engage in.


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