The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Hong Kong Society

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I will discuss in detail in this article the impact of the minimum wage on Hong Kong society. I will make a detailed analysis of two aspects such as society aspect and economy aspect. Moreover, i will deeply talk about related problem.

Hong Kong is a capitalist and commercial society. Low-income people in Hong Kong have very difficult live. Because they are often exploited by employers. Employers always exploited worker benefits and salaries(Ng, Sek Hong,2010). In addition, the inflation rate in the Hong Kong society continues to rise and the goods prices are very high. Some citizens cannot afford basic living expenses. Hong Kong government implemented the minimum wage in 2011. The minimum wage for 2011 is an hourly wage of HKD$28. The minimum wage for 2013 is an hourly wage of HKD$30. The minimum wage for 2015 is an hourly wage of HKD$32.5. The minimum wage for 2017 is an hourly rate of HKD$34.5.

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In society aspect, Hong Kong is a capitalist and commercial society. In a commercial society, grass-roots workers are often exploited by large companies and employers(New York Times, 2014). The employers will not provide reasonable benefits and salaries to worker(Hirschey, M, 2000). The income of these workers simply cannot maintain the basic quality of life. In addition, Hong Kong’s inflation rate is getting higher and higher, and the consumer price index is also getting higher and higher. The prices in the society are very expensive, the wages of the grassroots are very low. Hong Kong is a developed and modern society. The Hong Kong government should strive to solve this problem. Therefore, the implementation of the minimum wage legislation in 2011 aims to protect the rights of the grassroots and improve their quality of life(Leung, Sophie, 2011).

Before the implementation of the minimum wage, the lives of low-income people in Hong Kong were very difficult. Because they have very low income, they need to pay for expensive living expenses(Leung, Sophie, 2011). Hong Kong is a commercial society. The economy of the entire society is controlled by a large consortium. In 2010, the salaries of many occupations in Hong Kong were below HKD$28 per hour. Most of them are large chain stores. These companies want to increase their profits. So, they exploited the basic benefits and salaries of grass-roots workers. Because thats can decrease the costs and increase the profits. For example: McDonald’s, KFC, 7-11, restaurant waiter. McDonald’s was the worst and the average employee’s salary was $23 per hour. The $23 per hour salary is not enough to live in Hong Kong. In 2011, the average lunch cost is about $35-$40. The wages for these workers working for one hour are not enough for them to enjoy a lunch. Apart from basic eating and drinking, other aspects of Hong Kong’s washing costs are also very expensive, such as the price of housing, traffic costs. These are the necessary expenses and basic expenses for living, but low-income people cannot afford these expenses. These unfair and hard living conditions should not occur in Hong Kong.

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