The Impact of the Watergate Scandal

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One of the most famous scandals in the world, the Watergate Affair aroused a large-scale wave in the political world. During these years, June 17, 1972 to August 8, 1974, the thirty-seventh president Nixon, who belong republican part, would persevere through the fighting of denying he had some sort of relation with these law-breaker, who break in the democratic party headquarter and illegally take photo about the top-secret of democratic part and install wiretapping phones in there where has a more great fame than democratic headquarter, Watergate. That happened around this serious period of Nixon reelection. This rejection was partly for his own reputation and the rest was for the republican party ’s reputation in a way of abusing the power of president, like he did after while of the breaker was caught to impede the investigation of this break-in. As one of the biggest leaders of America who affected the delicate relationship between people and officer through this affair, on another hand it also influenced the political system itself. Whatever each one of these two impacts are singled out, it would be an arresting sign in American history, but if we dig this event deeper, there are still other lingering important impacts under this cup of muddy water keep sneakily influence Unite State Such as the danger of trust to their standing, or the popular effect, as well the changing of political system.

First, all of the people get something to scepticism while the perspective of population to precident had turn to a negative aspect. in some extent, these people, more like to be social middle class and foundation class, harbor a suspicious to all of the stuff around president either, which is a really serious problem for a functional working society that people began to doublet weather their leader, the sign of America and these government members, are some untrustworthy guys. For an example, that it would give population a steel reason to reject handing in tax. It would be like How do I know where are my money used on that is reality? does these suits due lie to me. Although to skepticism these poor politicians that is as if to say if you are a black man thus you are a freak, or indeed, all of the white people have bias to black color people or other color, but is hard to avoid under Thais circumstance of feeling disappoint to president or the country it self just after king and other full of faith people among society died. Moreover, part of voter selects another way to suspect the political structure by selection of no-political ground. people have been losing trust to the vote system. Another reason accept assassinations is they have saw that candidate could looks very brilliant during his speech but after that there is about to be another thing much different than their expected before, even this candidate tell a lie in election more likely people would never know he did lie if this candidate is successful got the seating there unless his unconscious trace is published, how every it is scabrous to survey the step of a setting president, so rather to they choice a unreliable person to be a president, they inferior to give it up. Meanwhile it is as though a lingering pain for republish let people get hopeless that the number of republican voter star to get loss. about 10,000 republicans shift their ground to democracy and there are around 43,000 new members get into democracy and less than 2000 new members join in to republic party in only one city -Philadelphia. Whatever that to rebuild a positive feature inside people again, and drag them back from complain to government would be a pretty difficult mission for the white house after all.

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In other hand, this part of suspicion would not all to be a bad thing at all, it is also an engine of this the political format to faster the reform of government system. Election-reform is one of the consequences of this scandal, which impose restriction on the applying found of contributor, contributor’s funding support to candidate was limited to 1,000 per person and these contributors who support to candidate more than 100D have to hand in their detailed background like home dress and name to federal election commission. The decreasing of supply mean candidates does not have to concern the felling of money helper, they could to show more their individual desire as a politician but not a businessman. Mr. du Pont is one candidate who is influenced by this law said: ‘Small contributions will bring the man in the street back into the political process—he will be more easily heard if the big voices don’t drown him out.’ The election-reform also stipulate that all the candidates need to report their personal income and running account of fund to society. Which could help people to discover some underlying relation, however most of candidate show a look of they would very like to be checked by population, and that they are clean without any spot in their experience. The election-reform also explicitly plus a new powerful career,independent counsel, which was use to prosecute the high-level seating officer. That is easily connect to Prosecutor Archibald Cox, who was fired cause he rejected to stop ask for tapes at event of Saturday Night Massacre (this event lead several officer apply for quits, it is also the direct reason for Nixon was labeled a title of abuse president powers and obstruction of justice) and some people believe it is the only way to prosecute top-officers. The second production of this reform to be executed is the war power resolution or called war power act that is a chain putted on the neck by congress apply to weak the presidency. In brevity, it means before majority of the regional campaign, president need to do a report to congress to explain what he wants to do and then wait for the permission from congress. After all the process president could move. Obviously, this reform immediately make the original president turn to a sub president, and directly hand out the foreign commander from president to congress, but after then this law did not work very well, the reason is dramatically that the after presidents ignore it straightway, and the supreme court also pay no attention to the litigation from congress, so actually this law has became a kind of toll to soothe congress party but is malfunctioned. In sum, all the changes seemly make the head of election toward a fairer direction, people’s opinions would always be the necessary part of vote, however the supreme court is also the powerful part at all.

Look over this event, the last one influence that is the whole part of society is turn to a faith of superstar, which mean much of people trend to select a person (who could be show star or reporter even a chef) to believe but not any party. The loser of this affair is not the president position or these subordinates of Nixon or he self, even though population get a grand startle about how could the president I vote lie to me, and that make them start to think the brilliant speech and promises at election and then to be more unhappy, but the Democracy Part and the Republic Party. Mr. Moos the former adviser to President Eisenhower a member of President Kennedy’s Commission on Campaign Costs said: ‘This has greatly weakened our party system and our party structure.’ In a word, people loss two permanents idea that agitate them to begin think as to what do they real what.

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