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The Impact Of World War 2 On London And The Reasons Helping The City to Rise Up

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European countries suffered many attacks from World War 2, every country experienced destruction and chaos. But unlike other countries, London was able to rise up and shine like a diamond. The bombardment was caused by the Nazi German from September 1940 to May 1941. The Germans wanted to take total control of London and oblige the Londonians to quit the war but all their efforts were unsuccessful. The bombing made a lot of casualties, several people because homeless and had to seek refuge underground. But, although the London Blitz caused massive damage to the physical structure of London, the Blitz was unsuccessful in demoralizing the British people. In other to be ready for the war, Britain implemented protections to keep the citizens safe and one of those measures was the ARP which stands for Air Raid Wardens Service. The service was put into effect to provide warnings, first aid, protection, and investigate bombs that did not successfully blow up. Although the Air Raid Wardens Service was put in place to help the people, other association such as fire departments, and rescue teams contributed to helping the people that were affected.

To continue, shelters were provided by the government to protect the civilians from the bombing. Some of the shelters were known as sunken shelters built specifically for protection against bombing and made up of sandbags, wood, and metal. Although the British government tried to protect the people by instituting shelters, there wasn’t enough to secure everyone. Underground shelters needed to be constructed to help the people during the explosion. Even Though the British government was reluctant to let the people use the subways as shelters, the people did what they had to do to survive. Furthermore, to avoid the people from being the target, the government asked citizens to cover their windows so that light could be seeing inside. All these events gave a sense of family and community to the people even though they were unprotected and under serious attacks.

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Before the bombing, predictions were made about the citizens “wild” and uncontrolled reaction. According to Churchill and the government, the citizens would go crazy and create total chaos because of the panic, fear, and need for protection. But they were proven wrong because the chaos and disaster did not stop them from continuing their “routines of life” said Ruby Thompson. The citizens moved on and kept doing what they had to do to survive, they overcame their fears and lived with the situation they had at hand. The blitz developed boldness into the people just like in Olivia Cockett who used to find it hard to speak up her mind to her boss. But after she survived the blitz, she realized that if she was able to fight through something that big and win, her boss was not going to be a problem. To continue, the Londonians that survived valued their life more, they were more appreciative and grateful. A young girl who was sheltered by her boyfriend parents said “I might have been hurt! Somehow, right up to the minute I had taken everything for granted”. The disaster opened the young girl’s eyes, she had to go through trial and tribulation in other to realize how important the gift of life is because thousands lost their lives and many were not as lucky as she was to get out alive. There were several damages caused by the blitz not only to London but to the whole country. In the Island, more than five thousand civilians were killed and more than ten thousand buildings faced destruction. In London, the damages were worst because half of the total losses in lives and buildings came from the city. The country was going through confusion and disruption yet, the people were not dismayed and supported their country so they could go through the war victorious.

Thousands of children were separated from their parents and sent to foreign places. Just as the adults had to have a degree of acceptance towards a stranger, children did too. They had to face, accept, and learn to live with the repercussion the bombing had on their family. Not only did the children have to go through the separation, but some of them also had to go through death. In a hurry to get out of the crowded underground shelter that served them as home, slipped and suffocated. Yet, the people did not go rough, they fought through the disturbing event and did not let fear control their thoughts and actions but instead fought through it with all they had by supporting each other.

To sum up, even though the London citizens had to go through a lot of traumatic events and lost, they were not dispirited. They kept their heads up and supported each other in that moment of great sorrow. That support helped them win over the German who tried to take over them and their country. Plus they proved the government and Churchill wrong, there was no “wilding out” but instead there was peace, support, and harmony among the citizens. People were able to trust strangers without any panic or doubt something that would not have happened in a time of peace and tranquility.


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