The Implementation of Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion

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The tax reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) program of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte proposed fairly tax contribution based on the salary one’s get. The implementation main goal is to contributes a greater impact specifically on economic growth, aims to bring changes. The system works through the monthly income of workers where minimum salaried workers will be contributing a lesser amount for tax rather to those people whose income is above the minimum wage of a certain salaried workers, so in the contrary the negative side is the unwanted higher excise tax rates on the basic daily needs. However, the train law wants future vision outcome is still on the process of coping and facing issues for many reasons, but this paper aims to focus only on the problem of the lack of background and research prior to the implementation and until today that the program is already implemented. Thus, this paper argues that the implementation of Train Law is not effective because of limited background and research that can be addressed through continuous research and information dissemination.

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Limited Research

As the changes occur, people’s lack of background will arise as what advantages and disadvantages it may cause. The sudden transition of tax is mainly the reason why people still coping and adjusting. An article by Burgos (2018) claimed the implementation of law is in need of suspension as it gives price hike mostly to the daily commodities of people. Cinco (2017) said train law has something to do with the minimum salaried workers as it gives chance to pay tax in low amount or even they will be free in tax. But there’s a kapalit that when basic daily needs soared as what people expected in turns out its just the same, we pay also. Seeing that the system is still struggling, this can be proved Philippines are not ready yet for changes for the cause of limited research that can cause some problems as research has a huge role in securing the achievement of a certain thing. Lagman (n.d.) an Albay Representative stated Train law is in “serious lack of study” primarily to the effects.

The aforementioned stated above shows that, indeed, the Train Law implementation in the Philippines is not effective due to limited background and research. Even though, President Rodrigo Duterte receives complained from the people against with this law, there’s no other choice but to follow and face the consequences it may cause since it was already passed. It can be suggested that these problems can be addressed through continuous research and information dissemination that will give better understanding to the people on how to see both positive and negative impact side of Train law and most especially is to give inputs on how to accept the new system.

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