The Importance and Role of Religion for Adolescence

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  • Introductions
  • Findings
  • Problems and Possible Solutions
  • About an Opinion and How My Opinion Has Changed
  • Summary and Conclusion


I chose this topic because I did an essay about a belief system on a different topic and this question is stuck in my head. Now in modern families, having technology is a big factor in bonding and creating emotional relationship with our family. Religion is losing popularity and I want to see the difference and change between different modern families and their education between each other. Now a day the pressure of social media is affecting modern families and how people look at them. Their status affects how they live and I wonder how this affects religion in a family. One of the main problems is the importance of having a good relationship between children with their parents and vice versa and the importance of religion to the children. Does the role of parents affect the importance of religion in a family or even their personal values between each other? Does religion affect communication among the family members in times of situation or big crisis like someone dying? How does it benefit us in the long term? How are people shaped by religion in terms of moral and spiritual values? The differences in different religion depend on the family and they could have the same beliefs or different ones.

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Studies show that parents who attend religious services with their children are more likely to like and enjoy a better relationship with them and even more likely to be involved with their children’s education. The better or greater of the religious involvement the similar their values will be and the better the emotional closeness. A national survey showed that Household adults that always or frequently attend religious services are more frequent to be in contact and higher-quality relationship with their mother and father. The per cent who believe having children is important is 71.5% and people who attend religious services more than weekly and the percentage of more than monthly is 67.5% and for those who go less than monthly is 57.9% and people who never attend religious services is 46.7%. This means that people who attend religious services tend to have better relationships with each other. Nearly four-in-ten people raised by a Catholic mother and a Protestant father (38%) now identify with Catholicism, compared with just 14% among those with a Catholic father and a Protestant mother.'Sometimes you follow in your mum and dad's footsteps because you're part of the'-Catholic school student. People tend to be more careful when dealing with a religion, which promotes what they believe or has more distrust with.

Problems and Possible Solutions

The role expectation between a family, pressure from social media about their self-image, communication and personal values could be a problem. In order to fix this problem is to show more devotion to children and spend more time with them so the quality of the relationship is good. As the saying goes that, a family prays together, stays together. If you could get good communication and at the start at least go to religious services more frequently, you get a better quality relationship. Religion would be a good solution for a better quality relationship among family members. Religion influences their beliefs and human behaviour. Each different religion has it their own niche depending on what they believe which give a different feeling to each one, making one that promotes peace more fun-loving and such as such this can make influence different wonderful human behaviours which have happened over time these behaviours can be influential, a feeling of more powerful and they become more informed on special decisions on their life which could have a knock-on an effect which can change there state of mind. Their religion teaches love, there will definitely be the harmonious and peaceful relationship among members of the family and these close bond relationships will only increase between different people and make a more harmonious and wonderful relationship. These types of relationships can be influenced by religion and can change peoples state of mind over time these would help the people around avoid most conflict but for all, they can forgive and spread love to all kinds of different people.

About an Opinion and How My Opinion Has Changed

My opinion on this topic is that religion affects a lot of families because their morals depend on the religion they believe in. Their actions are also based on the faith they follow. Their day to day life is a stronger bond together because of religion and bond easier to one another. I believe that religion is an important ideology because it guides to what is right and wrong. Religion is a big factor in society because it helps us connect with the people around us. It shapes the thinking of helping people and not doing any crimes. It is also a factor in making choices in life. My opinion on religion has changed. I believe strongly that it is more important now because religion is an important role in life. Statistics show in Singapore that Christianity is slowly losing influence in people and other religions are gaining more influence such as Hinduism. It is a good technique to show other people a quality of relationship and influence other people to be more religious. People tend to be more careful about what they are going to practice and more distrust and a better understanding of the religion.

Summary and Conclusion

I conclude that religion is of big importance amongst a family. Also, religion is slowly losing influence on people though it has a good influence on the quality of the relationship between parents and children. The relationship is stronger if they attend religious services as a family. The statistics show religion is beneficial to families to be more cohesive to one another. Religion is very important because it boosts and increases the level of understanding. If religion is positively taught to children while growing up they will more likely to become good citizens of the world and have a good agreement and judgement between right and wrong and there judgement or agreement is not harmed in any shape or form. Their judgement skills is a curial part and can positively affect them in the future. This future can make break the scientific barrier and all kinds of barriers like Johannes Gutenberg he’s a Christian that got the inspiration to make moveable printing press which was insociable to the social world today, he’s a strong connection to his friends and family is what he pushed through to make the world more sociable and making the world easier than ever to connect to each other. Also Martin Luther King Jr, he was Christian he had a strong connection to his pasture which made him strive for what he wanted and make the place more equal and fair for everyone he ended racism.

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