The Importance of Advertisement in Communication Through Mass Media


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Advertisement is a type of communication through mass media. The process of this communication can be best possibly seen when people are watching their favorite show or movie on television or their devices and suddenly a video pops up which always has some people are promoting their products or services by encouraging them. It eventually attracts the attention of general public. This is how process of communication apparently looks like. Advertising could be high ranked part of establishing business. Owner of products pay money to TV networks and socially used applications on devices to get some time to communicate and promote their product. The process of advertising a product can be controlled in hands of some powerful and influential people. This is how they make general public watch what they want them to watch. For e example, Rutherford (1994) has observed that English Canadian Television has been given in hands of some powerful corporations such as Proctor & Gamble, General Motors etc.

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Advertising develop feeling of needs and desires. Advertisers create a strategy to attract more customers. Such as making promotional offers which are mostly limited time offer so that audience don’t get to think about what they actually need and what are they buying. Advertisers also trick audience by spending a short piece from their revenue on charity or other social activities to get their existing consumers feel happy about their favorite brand doing some social work and also to gain attention of new customers. The release of hormones off human body is natural as exposed to someone attractive; advertisers use this advantage and show as much nudity in their ads as possible even when the product has no relation with it. For example, the advertisement of Axe body spray had a nude girl running towards the man. It also has an effect on society when advertisers create gender stereotype that women can no longer stay independent. Advertisers also trick audience when they sell their product in such graphics and scripts that even if their product is bad for health, audience would consume it assuming it to be healthy. For example fast food chains advertise their food on the basis of taste and image rather than it’s unhealthy effect on brain and human body.

Advertisement and capitalism

Advertisement has been created to serve some powerful and influential people. The model of advertisement process has been created solely to keep ruling class happy. Advertisers take advantage of time when they get an access to audience. Advertisements could be the major element of ‘American Dream’ in which a person gains happiness by consumption. Advertisements develop those feelings and desires that force people to get over with their frustration and stress by spending on commodities. Many researchers have conducted experiments and Stuart Ewan (1979) has observed that advertisement model has been designed to take good care of capitalists. It is also said that general public while watching an Ad unknowingly get attracted towards the product but side by side they also being as consumers of that advertisement because whenever an Ad is played, there is always a popular personality promoting the product while performing their talent such as Michael Jackson used to act in advertisement while dancing and singing so in this way they are promoting themselves too. As stated by Breton & Proulx (1993) that “audience acts as a consumer of both the product and advertisement”. So advertisers make advertisements in a way that audience gets ready to invest in advertisements. In short whenever developing enterprise is planned, marketing sector is one of the most important steps because commercialized goods attract more consumers.

As soon as goods of certain brand become popular through advertisements, the owner gets more powerful and gain monopoly over other brands. Advertisements feedback is also an important factor for enterprise and part of advertising model which only focuses on large audience rather than individual on specific thing. Advertisements set standards in society so middle class try to achieve lifestyle of high class to get better with their social status. Corporate owners resist most of the rules regulated for advertisements by government because of their powerful position in production system. Retrieved from: Martin, Michele (1997). “Chapter 10 Advertising as Mass Culture” Communication and Mass Media: Culture, Domination, and Opposition. Prentice Hall Allyn and Bacon Canada: Scarborough, 199-212.

Cultural roles of Advertisement

Advertisers have psychological effect on audience. It changes their mentality and opinion for the product because advertisements are made in such a way that people get inspired when they see their favorite star promoting the product. Many people start following their popular personalities and that time they are acting as a consumer for both the product and advertisement. Advertisement has an ability to shape values of society. Advertisement has a unique feature of shaping someone’s ideas. Usually advertisements are labeled as against the norms and values of society because it often displays it’s product for some specific race, gender etc.

It also promotes racism and gender stereotypes in the society. Advertisement being made in late 1970s by biggest companies of the world such as Mc Donald and Coca Cola started to target black people in such a way that people would consider them as inferior in society. It had also helped in gaining attention of many black consumers because of watching them being reflected in advertisement created a fake desire. Many examples of such type of advertisements can be seen in early 1990s. Such as the brand Dove and its advertisers also targeted black community on their skin color. They displayed their ad as black skin is dirty and after using their product, it can change into white.

Television advertisements can change people’s mindset towards social values of society. Advertisement can also create gender stereotypes in society as in many parts of the world women are shown as in relation with men where as men roles are more like independent. This suggest that developing gender roles in society in which women are inferior to men and also shows that they are dependent on men and unprofessional. Advertisements often show inappropriate dress code of women which creates an image of commodity. It also has a huge impact on people in society and developed a trend in most parts of the world that women would stay at home being a housewife and also take care of children, on the other side men were considered as occupational and used to go out to work and earn enough amount of money to run the family. Another example is in 1990’s advertisement was made in which women were shown at footsteps of men. Advertisements have an important role in shaping cultural roles.

Advertisers also used women body to get investment for their more advertisements such as cloth brand advertise their product by showing men as physically and mentally strong and on the other hand women body is always used to entertain men. Even food chains advertised their product with naked women body even though it had nothing to do with it.


So as I have discussed about what exactly advertisement is and how it is created to serve ruling class solely. Whatever they have shown us is what they wanted us to see and opposed all the regulations that were restricted by government. Advertisements have had important role in shaping and setting up standards for society. Youth is much attractive towards advertisement when they see their favorite star in it. It has allowed them to be the consumer of the product from their young age. Advertisements have also created the gender stereotypes in society as mentioned above. Women are shown inferior to men. They have been shown as a commodity and always in relation with men that represents that they cannot be independent. Also, women body is being used to harass image of women in society. Men are shown physically and mentally stronger than women. Advertisers have also targeted black community to sell their product. They have shown them as minority and inferior to other people in society and their skin as dirty. Advertisers also take notice of psychological effect of their advertisement on audience and show their product as a need of them even though their products are unhealthy and dangerous to some extent. Advertisement is very important in marketing sector of the enterprise or corporations. Advertising has its long lasting effects that are going to go from generation to generation. In today’s world, advertising of a product is as important as its manufacturing. Many people get influenced by it.

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