The Importance of Being Emotionally and Physically Healthy


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The Importance of being emotionally and physically healthy for tricycle drivers is for them to be able to work properly and sustain their daily expenses. According to Bus driver well-being review:50 years of research by Rhona Flin, Kathryn Mearns, John Tse, health problems can affect driver’s performance that can lead to employee’s absence, labor turnover and accidents. Their study is about the different health problems that a bus driver encounter which focus on specific stressors result in physical and psychological (Flin, Mearns and Tse, 2005). One example of health problems that was discussed in the research that Mr. Roque Oscillos also experience is fatigue (Flin, Mearns and Tse, 2005).

Fatigue is a lack of energy and motivation that can affect physically and mentally (Davis & Doerr, 208). Based on their research, fatigue for drivers is when they cannot meet the imposed performance goals but still forced to continue because of conditions (Brown, 1994, p. 299). Other health risks that Mr. Oscillos experience are stroke and body pain. Stroke is a brain attack (National Stroke Association, 2018). It happens when the blood flow to a certain are of the brain is stopped which can cause brain cells to die because of lack of oxygen and when the brain cells die memory and muscle control are lost (National Stroke Association, 2018). Since tricycle drivers are exposed to hot environment, heatstroke can be experienced (Mayo Clinic,2018). Body pain is caused by stress response that is produced when the person is experiencing stress and/or anxious (Folk & Folk, 2018).

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According to Dr. Venkatesh study, city bus drivers experienced more stress rather than non-drivers working in the same environment which can result to negative impact on their health and may lead to traffic incidents. There are also some health problems that was mentioned in Flin, Mearns and Tse study that drivers may experience but was not mentioned by the interviewee and these are cardiovascular disease like coronary heart disease, Ischaemic heart disease, and hypertension. Gastrointestinal problems, musculoskeletal disorder and other physical health outcomes (Flin, Mearns and Tse, 2005). Some are health risk that came from air pollution which is based on other researchers like Zhang and Batterman in their Air pollution and health risks due to vehicle traffic study. These health risks can affect the tricycle driver’s expense which can lead to more problematic event since their income is usually enough for their daily needs or just enough to support his/her family that’s why they should prioritize not only work but also health to avoid other problems such as spending bigger amount of money for medication.

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