The Importance of Building a Right Team for Effective Performance and Organization’s Success: Review of Literature


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Designing a best team will become a strong foundation for any team performance. The main aim of this paper is to review and research articles to understand the concepts of designing a team discussing their identity. While writing this paper we have researched wide range of articles on how building a right team will increase team performance and lead to organization’s success. We have also identified couple of major factors that needs to be handled carefully while designing a team like choosing right people to the team, building trust and communication between team members, organizing the tasks and making team members being accountable and responsible. We have found that if all team members were assigned clear roles and responsibilities towards project tasks. We have identified possible ways to make teams work together with trust and communication. We have also explored various types a team can be identified as couples of those types are virtual teams, cross-functional teams, functional teams, contract teams and self-managed teams. Choosing right team leaders and team members will keep teams motivated and encouraged to take extra steps in their work by maintaining open and positive communication. Performance and efficiency of team depends how well they can communicate and organize their tasks based on their roles.

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Banner Bay wood Medical Center has started designing a rapid rescue team for emergency services to cardiopulmonary arrest patients. This article also explains how designing and implementing an emergency rapid team helped hospital to solve most of the critical cases effectively. As emergency service needs doctors, nurses, x-ray people, blood department people this can be meant as designing and cross functional team. Hospital’s increased focus on patient safety and cardiac arrests are unexpected and sudden hospital’s responsibility is increased to reduce patient’s death in preventable cases led to implementing this cross-functional team. According to Wamsley, Newlin, & O’Brien (2012) how inter professional teams will help hospital staff and students to actively participate and involve tasks. All these articles have the requirement of designing cross-functional team that contains experts from different fields to work on same project toward same goals. As the above mentioned cases don’t have any predefined scope we have to get people who can work with this kind of environment. As all team members are experts we have to select someone who will make the team feel accountable in finishing their responsibilities. That team leader should be able guide and motivate team members and lead them towards the right direction. If we don’t assign someone as leader to a cross-functional team leads to everyone taking their own decisions to achieve the goals. To save life of patients and to make the transition of new design of hospital their scope has be clearly defined otherwise lead to patient’s life at risk. The cross-functional team leader should be able to explain and share the success of the project to the entire team. It is very important to build communication in cross-functional teams as all of the team members are from different teams they would not be on the same page.

According to Yeager and Nafukho (2012), organizations that are in high income countries prefer to build diverse teams with different cultures, traditions and age. They have also explained how organizations are interested in virtual teams who are located geographically at different locations and work together to achieve the common goal. To save resources like office space, travel time organizations prefer to choose virtual teams than physical teams. These articles have provided the research results on how building virtual teams in the organizations will improve different perspectives of the problem.

All the above articles are explaining how the organizations are in need for designing virtual teams. As the virtual team members will be located in different geographic locations it is very important to build social environment between them to work together every day. If possible it is better to let the team meet before starting the project to build team relations. If not possible try to assign team building exercises early of the project. Team leader should make sure assigning the tasks to sub group of people to make everyone communicate and dependent on each other. Setting of task completion reviews to the team to clarify any further questions. As communication is major thing that team leaders has to take care of while building the teams. In case of virtual team communication channels should be fixed as virtual team members tend communicate less. A predefined method of what kind of communication channel should be used for each scenario so team members should follow it and adopt it over the period. If the team members are on different time zones make sure to give notice of the meetings to team members in advance, and don’t put burden on them by surprise meetings at random timings. Virtual team’s means team members come from different cultures and each of them speak different languages. Its better get everyone speaks on the same language so all team members will be on the same page. Communication is the major thing that needs to be properly handled in virtual team building for success of the project.

According to Taplin, Foster, & Shortell (2013), Pina, Martinez, & Martinez (2008) and Xue, Bradley, & Liang (2011) hospitals have given more priority to patients care after affordable act in United States. To serve patients hospitals have started building teams that can work on different things towards a common goal. This article also explains various types of teams they had like work teams who will work on daily tasks, then parallel teams who share tasks with other teams like management teams and project teams. All of the above mentioned articles explain us about how the companies are in the need for designing and implementing functional teams. These are main teams that always stay in the organization and handle their work when it comes to their team. A manager will organize the tasks and ensure that all the tasks are properly allocated and then finished. All the teams and team members will report to this manager. When a project come to a company it initially goes to marketing team when analyze and design budget manager will review and discuss with executive directors about advantages of implementing this project. Once this is approved for design architecture team will design the product and send the approved designs to actual manufacturers who will finish manufacturing the product. Manager will make sure all stage of this product development is successful and doesn’t have any issues. He also has to make sure that there won’t be any conflicts arising from assigning responsibilities to each team. He has to choose the right people for each department to make all the tasks successfully finished. Maintaining the communication between departments to share information and developing the best product. Maintaining the relationship between departments is the major factor that needs to be focused when building a functional team.

According to Morgan, Fletcher, and Sarkar (2013), organizations that are just started or excelled in some kind of manufacturing are trying to make other company teams to do the unelated work. This will give the organizations enough time and resources for managing their teams. These articles also explained about self-managing teams and how to build them efficiently to improve overall performance of the organization. These articles have showed research results on self-managed teams improved organizations performance by being responsible and accountable for every task in the project.

All of the above mentioned articles explain us about how the companies are in the need for designing and implementing contract teams. It is cheap and budget friendly to have a contract team who can come and finish the project within the time schedule and then leave when the contract ends. Clients who give contracts have to do thorough verification before outsourcing the project. They can contact the manager to build and effective contract team who can work on a particular project and finish it with in the time and satisfying the entire project scope. The manager is entirely responsible for success and failure of the project so contracting firms should hire right managers who can communicate well with clients and team members. Also they have to choose the best and efficient team members to finish the project effectively. Failure of this kind of projects affects the organization. These articles explain the importance of choosing the right people for right jobs at right time to finish the project tasks. These kind teams are useful when organizations don’t want to do something they don’t know. For example if phone manufacturing company needs a website for it. It cannot invest money and create an IT team to develop the website for it. In that case it will outsource the website project to some IT company.

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