The Importance of Business Administration

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In the past, people had a concept that business administration equaled to secretarial work, i.e. being responsible for some small matters only, e.g. answering phone calls, filing paperwork, etc. However, the areas of administration has evolved over years. More than just handling some daily routines, e.g. ordering papers for printers, refilling water and managing stationeries, business administration nowadays covers 4 areas of study, including human resources management, leadership and communication skills, administrative services management; and workplace systems and technology. These show that in order to cope with the rapidly changing world of business, business administration has been developed into holding a board scope of professional skills. Thus, four ways in which business administration can add value in office nowadays are going to be listed as follows:

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Human resources management: Human resource management involves planning, acquisition and development of the workforce. Hiring and retaining talent is the cornerstone of high-performance companies and is essential for small businesses and startups that want to grow fast. The human resources department is primarily responsible for building and managing systems that can recruit, attract, hire, train, motivate and retain the company’s best employees.

This includes establishing strong job designs and hiring the right people to match. It also involves establishing strong interview and screening processes, planning directions and training, developing successful employee assessment tools, and building incentive compensation plans to maximize your business. For example, a startup can offer shares in a company, while established small businesses can offer generous vacation policies.

Because active human resources strategies have outpaced responses to employment conditions, human resources professionals have played a greater role in the plan. The human resources director usually works in the company’s management team and participates in strategic planning. This includes an assessment of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as forecasts of opportunities and threats. HR participants’ current perceptions and future expectations of personnel and resource needs, contributions to discussions and training changes in compensation, and research on emerging opportunities and threats.

Leadership and communication: Establishing systems to protect and sustain basic operational functions to meet the needs of children and families. Administrative leadership has at least two important aspects: operational leadership and strategic leadership. Operational leadership is achieved through activities such as hiring and supporting employees, overseeing budgets, and maintaining a positive work environment. Strategic leadership should consider the future and guide the development of early childhood organizations. Strategic leaders define goals, inspire individuals to pursue a common vision, and ensure that goals and results are achieved.

Although office environment is ‘boring’ and ‘work-oriented’, always making room for occasional entertainment. Does this mean spending more energy on making holiday parties better than last year, leaving weekly team contact time, or simple gestures like throwing happy hour. Those team activities make happy employees also encourage them to work hard. In addition, meeting team members outside the work environment can strengthen interpersonal relationships and increase work efficiency.

Administrative services management: Many reception companies replace the reception desk and let individual employees meet their customers in the lobby. But finding people at the front desk is not only a great way to build a good first impression, but it also ensures that unexpected issues are noticed immediately and resolved. Greeting someone specifically can also make them feel more precious and welcome. Administrative professionals may remember some details that are impressive. For example, they may know whether the customer likes coffee or tea and are prepared to have coffee or tea on arrival. They make every visitor feel good.

Workplace systems and technology: Monitor and record data. Developing software or file systems that can help track and manage data. So that everyone in office has access to information and can easily retrieve it, they can now check the consistency and patterns of behavior or results. This is useful when correlating and troubleshooting problems in system when someone have relevant data as a basis for action. Make sure data in office is accurate and up-to-date.

Develop a project management system. Make a habit of planning, documenting, and arranging each project, as this keeps every detail streamlined. A company is an ecosystem that needs to be managed to work in sync with each department or role. Organizing the project may seem tedious, but it will save the workers more time and provide them, even the company with a long-term direction.

Data is the asset and responsibility of every organization. IT leaders can implement solutions that can significantly reduce their business risk profile while making business lines more efficient and securely accessible to get the answers they need. Leveraging technology to strengthen data security policies and restrict access to personal information, At the same time, optimizing the user experience, reducing friction and reducing corporate fraud. The ability to reduce risk while supporting overall business growth is aligned with greater business priorities and evolving data security practices and strategies.

To conclude, business administrative professionals are very important in office nowadays, not only supporting the team, also being able to handle a wide range of responsibilities and contribute to complex projects; while ensuring that operations operate efficiently and minimize costs. 

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