The Importance of Childhood for Child Development

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Early childhood is an important stage in life, they start to grow fast and develop their fine motor abilities, cooperative play, moral development and intellectually. Children who are 3-4years old should be able to walk up the stairs by using two feet at a time on each stair or they may need extra help to prevent them dropping and snapping their bones they also learn how to catch and throw a ball. Kids at this period improve their upper body movement, agility and accuracy in this stage they start to become taller and being able to stand, walk and run without any support they will also start to increase their language and develop their coordination with other people. Early childhood is more when children start to increase their independence and courage to start to make their own decisions, for example, choosing their friends and who to dislike they also improve fine motor skills like walking backwards, walking side to side and learning how to ride tricycles.

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In their Gross motor skills, they learn how to turn pages in books and magazines plus they learn to hold up pencils to write carefully and learn how to button and zip their clothes or backpacks. They also start to discover their cultural background and spiritual culture this is a hugely important value in lifestyle choices because it helps them form a sense of experience and identity to the environment around them. Did you know over the first three years children begin to develop their spoken vocabulary between 300-2000? Language is a deeply powerful thing in Early childhood because socially they start to engage with other children and interact with them which starts to increase their friendship groups, near the age of eight they start to have a ‘best friend’ this improves their courage to speak to other people and emotionally make them happy. In early childhood, they start to understand what is right and wrong for example if they take something that isn’t theirs they will know its wrong this is called guilt.

During early childhood, their minds grow 90% like and grown-up size brain. Most children at this age will learn self-conscious emotions and being embarrassed this increases their social skills because they will somehow tell a trusted person. They learn how to manage their emotions and become more mature. Within the age of three to eight, they should have started school to improve their language and understanding with numbers and symbols they also learn fundamental colours and start to speak in complete sentences by the age of 6 to support them later in life. Towards the beginning of childhood, they will start to demand lots of stuff and ask many questions about the society and you have to be sensible and considerate of how you respond to their questions because it can influence their attitude towards everything.

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