The Importance of Civil Rights for Black People

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Firstly, I would like to consider how important civil rights were and still is for black people. In times like this day and age, we all surely forget how our black ancestors path the way for our generation today. Visiting the civil rights museum was amazing to me and my friend. The staff was very friendly and they always made sure to let them know if we had any questions to ask them and also they had given us a little booklet relating to the museum and key information on what we would be looking at. But also I believe that the museum could have been better because there was no tour or anything, it was just like we had to figure things out ourselves while we were walking around but only on the first floor that we had a tourist but on other floors we just walk around freely and took pictures of the history that we desire. On each floor you had different attractions of history which had caught my eye, you also had classrooms that were in school during the segregated times. And at the end of the exhibit, there was a video that was presented as well.

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But being at the Civil Rights museum had a great impact and influence on me between knowing what they have taught us during school and now really understanding the in-depth reasoning behind the civil rights movement. Civil rights to me were the movement of black “African Americans” to be treated equally and to have equal rights as everyone else. Being from Georgia, and knowing Georgia is a southern state. Georgia played a role in civil rights which black Georgians wanted to end racial segregation but particular in savannah which had the protest movement which had brought a lot of blacks together.

The civil rights museum showed a lot of good history pertaining to during time in the civil rights movement, it had 3 levels of floors which showed you specific dates and times during the civil rights and what happened in that time period. It also showed that many black people could not eat at every restaurant and it showed that only you can work there and serve the whites. Being at the museum you could also see how blacks and whites had there separate bathroom which was happening during the time in segregation. Also the separate and unequal act in the 1940s in savannah which blacks were not allowed in most public parks, leaving black kids only to play in the streets and around the yard of where they lived.

Visiting the civil rights museum in Savannah, Georgia and obtaining knowledge from our back due history was a real learning experience for me and my friend. The third exhibit of The civil rights museum showed the savannah Branch NAACP and how the first black political candidates ran unsuccessfully. The black voter’s registration was at an all-time high during the early 1960s and the black community bloc voted so, therefore, the black candidates needed the support of some white voters to win in citywide elections. Also, it should how not all white community leaders were against integration and black progress several openly support NAACP and the civil rights movement, and few were willing to take a public stand.

When the Jim Crow laws were placed, it was a specific detailing for black citizens on what they could do and what they could not do in savannah. The Jim Crow law opposed its hand on public places, but specifically on restaurants, schools, hospitals, and etc. during this period education was the key which not all black people in savannah would be able to afford. Also, some high schools in the savannah area wanted black citizens in savannah without education to merge with the whites through education. Savannah also was dealing with the ‘don’t shop Jim Crow’ which states how every dollar you make and if you spend it, now is open to a new open endorsement of any racial discrimination and segregated areas.

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