The Importance of Communication in Our Daily Life

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Communication is an important skill in our everyday life. I have learnt this in my daily engagement with people as well as what is happening in the world with the lack of effective communication where we pass our messages without the urge to understand what the needs of the people we are dealing with. Moreover, I felt its importance when I learnt what happened in the old days,as scripted in the Holy Bible, when the Babylonians failed to achieve what they aspire due to the lack of effective communication.

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Being an employee of Ethiopian Air Lines for long years and working as Director of Integrated Operational Control Center(IOCC), I am also exposed to several skills at medium level which initiates me to be interested in careers that merge communication with marketing and that focus on integration of all related disciplines and how they work together.

IOCC encompasses different disciplines and professionals in the airline like Duty Managers, Marketing experts, Crew scheduling and the like who are working 24/7 to manage the operation of the airline by working together as a team to ensure the seamless delivery of the product of Ethiopian airlines. As a Director of the section, I managed to create a result oriented team who are passionate enough to effectively communicate and use the new information communication technologies the airlines adopted.

Now a days Air Transport has become a fast-growing sector aimed at establishing meaningful connections as much as possible between the air line and its customers. The business is consumer focused and is oriented toward carefully targeted groups and individuals. It employs mass market and is very much data driven.

Airline Business is not always an easy task, but it is becoming more viable every day as supporting technology continues to evolve, complete with new challenges and problems needing attention and solutions. It is my hope that by joining the program I would be able to have the theoretical background as well as the practical means to understand how to effectively communicate and address the needs and wants of the customer in a way that will help the airline to easily penetrate the highly competitive airline industry market.

In short, it is my belief that by studying the Integrated Marketing Communication degree I will be able to be an influential leader in Ethiopian Air Lines and contribute to the economic growth of my country Ethiopia in general and sustain the airline growth in particular.

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