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The Importance Of Customer Encounters With Employee And Consumer Relationships

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Within this portfolio report, it’ll cover the importance of customer encounters with employee and consumer relationships, furthermore the report will show the positives and negative impacts of the fast food experience and how things can be improved I the long term.

Company in order to impress customers by its service is not easy to achieve. It is difficult to provide single service to different group of consumers. The service encounter has been defined as ‘a period of time during which a consumer directly interacts with a service’ (Shostack, 1985). Some scholars said that service encounters usually is interpersonal exchange between customers and service providers and these interpersonal exchanges can strongly influence customers; satisfaction. There are a lot of elements found at a service encounter may affect the customer’s service experience ultimately. A service encounter is that period of time during which the customer and the service firm interact in person over telephone or through other media (Shostack 1985). Essentially, a service encounter has been defined as a social interaction involving one human being interacting with another (Czepiel et al.1985). Given the high degree of person-to-person inter action and, quite frequently the absence of an exchange of tangible goods, the service encounter becomes a critical component of service quality. There are three key players involved in a service encounter that shape the outcome of any encounter: the service firm which sets policies and guidelines; the employees who enact the policies of the firm; and the customer who seeks to satisfy a range of needs and wants. Propose several service encounter dimensions on the basis of which a service encounter can be assessed. These dimensions and their subcategories differ depending on whether it is the customer or the firm doing the assessment. From the customer’s view, the service provider’s perceived competence (expertise), listening skills and dedication are likely to be key in assessing the service received. From the employee’s view, customer courtesy, efficiency in terms of getting the transaction completed and personal (employee) satisfaction are likely to be key in the assessment process.

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It is probably true to say that service encounters are alike in that they have certain common distinguishing characteristics; however, due to the dynamic nature of human interactions, every encounter differs to some degree. Many service encounters have been considered in isolation in that they have been considered outside a broader context. Often when researchers consider service encounters, they merely think about individual events rather than connections between them. While much research has focused on discrete service encounters, more recent studies have examined multiple service encounters, or sequences of events. For example, Verhoef et al. (2004) approached the service encounter as a sequence of events. In particular, they tested a model on how events contribute to an overall evaluation of a sequence of events and found that while the average performance during the encounter is important, peak performances are critical for satisfaction formation.

My service experience at Wok Chinese fast food restaurant my first encounter with customer service team wasn’t the most pleasant, few employees lacked any high level mannerism that’s required in the fast food restaurant business. Nothing impressive about the food itself the likely hood of returning is borderline zero. The restaurant however did have form of entertainment, Karaoke is not what I expected as entertainment, the employees had many technical issues with the equipment, more indications on the service quality of the fast food restaurant. Also, the decoration of the eating place has been drawn a bad attention, for instance, crimson wall painting and delicate mild, and it makes clients feel uncomfortable. The service from staffs isn’t barely professional and the experience in general was bottom tier. The restaurant was relatively busy however I didn’t see any staff helping or looking to assist any customers which an indicator the service is relatively poor. The waiter that brought my food didn’t bother returning to ask if wanted anything else and judging by facial expression, he’s no longer smiling or showing no deep acting in any shape or form. The employees looked rather frustrated after having heated discussion with the manager, likely hood has attitude completed switched due to that conversation. Only positive which I included in the appendix was they gave me free gift items before I left, the manager surface acting indicated he wanted me to leave the restaurant happy with the service, unfortunately that wasn’t at the case.

Service relationships are characterized by means of employees personal understanding of one another a records of earlier interaction and an expected future In a provider relationship, a consumer is willing to characteristic a hit encounter to the man or woman provider issuer’s internal characteristics, in the case of my service experience the staff failed to make that interaction that they wanted to build a loyal relationship with a regular consumer. Due to the lack of deep acting and employees showing borderline no interest as a customer, it was a distraught feeling to overcome in the moment. however external elements could’ve played a part as the staff really lacked in surface acting during my period at the fast food restaurant, in addition when my waiter publicly had a loud discuss which looked very intense, perhaps this falls under employee dealing with other external factors affecting performance furthermore there may be normally a lack of intimacy and familiarity among the employee and consumer; accordingly fulfillment is frequently brushed off as resulting from external elements (‘it become an clean process’), while failure is associated with internal elements (‘the employees lack of interest). Provider relationships are costly to develop, as extra personnel time must be dedicated to looking after man or woman customers. As a result, service relationships are rare as compared to carrier encounters. But, given the benefits of multiplied patron loyalty that can result from relationships, Gutek et al. (1999). This is clear indication on the magnitude and importance of building instant rapport with consumers, in this case the employees and restaurant won’t be seeing me return again.

Comment Card aim to improve the service

Improving customer service?

The way forward on improving the biggest issue the poor level of customer service and interaction is being able to understand the meanings of hospitality and deep/surface acting. Something that requires polishing. Furthermore the employees must tender to the customers on a regular bases during in meal moments where their assistance might be required instant, members of staff entirely cut off helping customers at times. More frequent checks on customers are vital in restaurant chain.

Within this report of the reflection of fast food restaurant, the key areas that were critically covered were the importance of customer encounters and service, what role they play and how they influence revenue for the restaurant. (Schostack) covered the vital role customer to employee encounters and that plays vital part of the customers entire experience, lastly valid ways of improving the customer service and encounters with consumers and ways to maintain surface/deep acting.


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