The Importance of Education in African Countries


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“African Education must be dynamic. Education is the most powerful tool; one can use to conquer the world”

The late Nelson Mandela further emphasized these words. The importance of education is necessarily an aspect that parents, society and world leaders must accept. In Africa, the way we focused on teaching is indeed one-sided. As a result of this, the reality of what we hope to see transformed are yet to be actualized. I am writing this article to show how the Sierra Leone educational system is changing years after years and how the people adapt to it.

Let us take a look at the cognitive class of education .in ordinary sense; this has to deal with the reasoning and writing aspect of culture. Till date, this is widely seen in Africa, and it is prevalent in Sierra Leone. In secondary school as well as first learning institutions the only people tutors do appreciate, are those having the ability to read, comprehend and interpret. However, I am not writing to condemn the beauty of reading and understanding, but rather to send a message that there are other categories of learners that have been ignored. The reality is these categories of people should be the central focus of every nation. I believe a country must invest in these categories of people, and Sierra Leone must not be an exception.

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According to a research conducted by individual youths organization, they realized that there is another category of learners which is called the productive class. These are the set of student that are not 100% intelligent. That is to say, their reading and understanding capacity is very much limited, but they performed the very best of what school or any learning institution must be. The effective class of learners is actually emotional and very much social opened active. For instance, when you are in a class there are individual personalities even when absent you will miss. The truth they give the level the life, the sprite and the atmosphere of openness. Well, many are times; these people in Africa are missed entirely interpreted as being altogether unserious. The reason is they are not 100% efficient with the average reading and understanding principle. People that can, sing, rap, draw, do comedy, and sport. These are the very personalities am curious about.

The productive class of students always create a forum for the coming together of the student. People that rap still draws the attention of friends in school imagine the zeal they will put, arranging tables together and they will do something like a battle in class. They will start to rap and campaign until they are interrupted by a teacher. Many are times it is a fund; it gives way to even those in the cognitive to be happy in school. Another instance is those that sing. It might be rear to see schools that have a choir, these are still areas left untouched by our leaders, as well as helping organizations. The third and final is the innovative class of learners. The truth doing work with you hand required a little bit of focus, and appreciation must be a reality. However, those that are doing a stable job of mechanical duties, instrumentation and other innovative ideas deserve a place in our society. Many are times I wonder why such students are still not given a place in school to improve their working abilities.

The fact is no matter what we do I believe they must be given equal opportunity and non-amidst the three should be given higher priority against the other. In sharing my experience, about the disadvantage of our education not being dynamic, one of my friends is a good singer as well as an instrumentalist. It was so shocking that he left the idea of instrumentation just because of the fear of failing in class. The bottom line is that I think that my friend should have been a more excellent pianist of guitarist, but he deviated because of fear.

My question is why do we need to make them feel not belong in the society? However, that question should be answered by our leaders as well as helping organizations. If we take a look, an ask ourselves who are the very people that are responsible for the music we hear in church indeed youth and those that can do something with their hand. Let us ask ourselves how many of them have been sponsored. The truth is writing this article is to anticipate change. I believe equal opportunity should be given to these three categories, and none admits this three must be given higher priority than the other. I might be charged with the responsibility of writing a project, but I want to make it official that I presently have these that are project minded. And I believe if am chance, this idea of making African education to be dynamic will be well enhanced. When you talk to a man in a language he can understand, it goes to his head; but when you talk to a man in his language, it goes to his heart? I believe my work will include literary serves as a difference in making education to be dynamic if observed.”

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