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The Importance of Feetback

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Feedback is an important way of improving different elements of a function that may have certain things lacking from it. There are many different methods of collecting feedback including ratings, using different scales, observations, questions and through appraisals; this method of feedback is often used for internal events. A likert scale has opinions that describe certain responses, often to see how satisfied certain aspects were overall. Respondents are asked to tick the statement that describes their experience of the event. From this information the event organiser can take this valuable feedback and utilise it by changing the aspects that received a poor statement answer.

Another way questions can be asked is through the use of a Semantic differential scale. On the graph, there are two bipolar adjectives to describe the event for example “organised” and “unorganised.” This method of collecting feedback is more to derive the respondent’s attitude towards the event by asking them to select the appropriate position/rating. Observations are often seen as a good way of capturing first hand evidence of how well or how poorly the event is going. It is a good way of seeing the reality of the event where a observer will watch the event organiser and make critical comments on what was successful and what needed to be done instead. This way the observee can get a direct and personal response.Questionnaires are designed to receive feedback of an event. This can be done both verbally, where a person will ask the attendants questions or online. Uncommonly some questionnaires may be paper based due to the fact that they can be expensive and tedious to analyse.

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Although some online surveys may be easy to answer they may have a low response rate. This means that the number of people that respond and interact with the questionnaire online are very few. When making questionnaires it should be designed to be direct, relevant and clear to the person answering them. Asking irrelevant questions will put off the respondent and ultimately not be beneficial to the event organiser. An appraisal is a formal assessment that helps inspect the performance of an event organiser. The event organiser benefits from having performance appraisals as they enable them to see their strong and weak points for example their time management might be excellent and because of this everything scheduled went to plan however, their weak point may be that they aren’t a successful negotiator and spent more money than necessary. These appraisals may be carried routinely or even a couple months later helping to distinguish the short and medium term goals to improve on in the future.


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