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The Importance of Forgiving Yourself

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Who is going to forgive us for the deeds we did? What would be the ultimate forgiveness? Is the society judging us or are we guilty ourselves? If it was important at that time, what makes it incorrect now? Has a life been affected? Did we lose someone? Should it be corrected or be left for time to heal? Do we hate ourselves for what we did? Do others hate us? Is it important? Have we become a bad person after committing a “wrong” thing? Who is to judge? What is right and what is wrong? Are we the victim or the perpetrator? Who decides the next course in life? Can we move forward? Will they forgive us? Can we forgive ourselves?

Forgiveness can be a life-long process. Healing comes next. At one point or the other in our lives, we have done miscalculations, have committed mistakes that are unforgivable. We can not possibly reverse the time and the wrongdoing. It is the knowledge of having committed something which seems so fallacious now; it is the guilt of having to live with this fact. Where does this guilt arrives from? When we see our fellows living an ostensibly rightful life, possibly the guilt starts germinating there. Maybe it is the time, which settles well in our thought process, and changes our perception of how the things should be. We do not even realize when the society and its censorious thoughts have seeped inside us and have started taking command of our own beliefs.

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We need to understand that it is not a sign of weakness, only the brave can walk this path. It is the self- love which will eventually lead you to forgiving yourself. Realize, accept, and forgive – a three-way approach to forgive yourself. We need to take a stand on our values, as they exist now, and to understand that the past has passed and cannot be undone. However, amends can be made.

The other way of looking at this is asking for forgiveness from God. He is the benevolent one and forgives all our mistakes, if regretted and confessed with an honest heart. The spirituality has an additional benefit. All of us connect ourselves with a higher power which is more than a physical source of energy, be it the God or the universe. Putting your case to them will give you inner peace and settledness. It could also become a part of your ascension process.

Do not let a past error in judgment or a poor choice overshadow your life. Life is precious. No matter what you have done, turn the page.


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