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The Importance of Having Manners

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Is it important to have rules that govern how we interact with people? Yes, I do believe it is important to have these rules. I believe this is important because, it’s a sign of respect, it makes you look more proper, and you could make someone feel better. When I was raised I was raised to always have manners to anyone older, or just to anyone talking to you, because it’s just a sign of respect. By saying yes ma’am, no ma’am, no sir, yes sir, bless you, thank you, excuse me, or pardon me you’re showing them that you are polite, and that you have this thing called manners.

No one likes a person who answers or communicates with someone in a disrespectful way. It really isn’t hard to use these words and have a good attitude about it. It’s just basically a respect thing, something you should just always do. It’s easy to forget that in our generation we talk with a lot of slang, and that we can sometimes sound rude while talking like that. A fix to sound more proper is to use your manners. Something better than saying “yeah” or “what’s up” is by saying “yes ma’am/sir” or “How are you doing today?” Also sounding proper and having these manners people won’t say oh that kid is just like all the other teenagers. Most of all teenagers learned to have manners and learned we need to be polite but most of them don’t use them and make the “teenagers” of my generation look bad. We are proper and it is important to have manners and be polite. The elderly or adults might be having a horrible day, and you say see them and say, “Hey how’s your day going miss. ” you could completely make their day. Older people like to hear things like that it makes them really think they are doing something right.

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There isn’t always going to be people like that but once you feel that warmth in your heart you will want everyone to feel like that and you will most definitely want to do that again. Making someone’s day by having manners can be odd and sound like it could never happen, but I know it can from experience. They get this huge smile on their faces and they say something like “you don’t know how much I needed to hear something like that. ” or “you are probably the sweetest teenager I’ve ever met. ”. In other cases someone may say, it isn’t important to have rules that govern how we interact with people. There reasons may be, “Why should we give respect, or have manners for these people if they don’t for us. ”. This does make sense and it is a good reason, but being a bigger person is more important than getting even. People may even say it isn’t fair but, that’s just life. People also may say this is a new generation and if everyone already thinks we are horrible and have no manners then so be it, but we shouldn’t think that way and we should have a more positive attitude. We are entitled to fo right on our own, and that’s what we should do we shouldn’t let other people opinion keep us from doing right.

In conclusion, this is why I do think we should have rules that govern how we interact with people. Everyone is different and someone may have a different opinion on this than I do, but this is what I believe is right. The importance of, respect, having proper ways to talk, and making someone feel better are my main reasons to why we should have rules that govern how we interact with people.


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