The Importance of Health and Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthiness is not everything, but without health, nothing matters. Health is a basic need for humans and must be prioritized above all, because it is a determinant of the quality of human resources.

Many people do not realize the importance of health, until when they become sick. When people are sick, it’s hard to taste delicious food, to enjoy the beauty of a tourist trip. It’s difficult when daily plans and activities are interrupted by you or a family member becoming sick. At that moment, health seems like the most valuable thing.

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The general condition of our bodies are highly influenced by our daily activities and routine. A healthy body is a result of a healthy diet, exercise and other fitness activities, and of course adequate rest. Not only that, but also ability of the mind to manage stress.

A healthy diet is not easy to maintain. At present there are many ways to get good food. Apart from the kitchen itself, there are many restaurants or cafeterias in our neighborhood, with healthy and nutritious meals. However, it’s very easy to be tempted by the ease and efficiency of ordering food through the delivery services, reheating ready meals, or frozen foods. The easy access and little effort makes it easier for busy people to eat however, they often forget to consider the nutritional content. There are many types of bottled drinks, which contain lots of sugar. People drink several cans or bottles, regardless of how much sugar enters the body. Processed foods that are loaded with preservatives and flavorings are consumed every day. It takes a lot of perseverance to consistently choose a healthy diet and drink lots of water to maintain a healthy diet.

The choice of physical activities, depending on each individual's needs, also determines fitness. Physical activities does not necessarily need a membership at an overpriced gym. Jogging for thirty minutes, light cardio such as sit ups and squats, or yoga are examples of adequate daily physical activities. Of course this depends on the person, as there are some who feel the need to have more intense workouts,

Rest is also an important factor in health. Bodies that are forced to carry out a busy schedule without rest, tend to get sick easily. Rest is needed for the human body to repair damaged cells, as well as produce new ones. Overworking the body will decrease its immune system and make it more prone to sickness.

Health does is not only defined by physical factors, but mental factors as well. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Mental health impacts stress management, interpersonal relationships, decision making, and energy. For example, stress can cause illnesses. Excessive stress can be triggered by an overload of work or an impending event. This can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. In addition, anxiety can cause high fevers and nausea. For this reason, for this reason the ability to control thoughts and emotions, and live calmly, is important to health.

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