The Importance of Healthy Lifestyle Based on the Aftermatch of WW2

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Exercise is an activity that require a physical effort that carried out to sustain or improve health andfitness. Therefore it is very compulsory to do in our life. This is because,exercise is mainly forcardiovascular fitness and some people do it just because they enjoy it. Exercise also can gives benefit to ourbody and maintain the our healthy body. Firstly,doing exercise can help us to control the weight. By increasing the activity level,we can losesome weight day by day. For instance, a worker can do a daily work around 20-30 minute a day. By doingthis, its not only decreases the calories we consumed, but it also make we feel more better and it issomething everyone can do easily. Exercise also helps to regulate the feeling of hunger for those that indiet,so it likely want to eat less too. Hence,it is proven that doing exercise is compulsory in our life becauseit can control the weight. Other than that,exercise can combat the chronic diseases in our body. Most chronic diseases are causedby key risk behaviour which is might from lack of physical activity or excessive alcohol used.

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For instance,people who are working while standing up in office or class can encouraged us to improve the body health. Standing around 3 hours a day would be equivalent of running marathons according to expert’s article. So,by doing exercise while working can combat the chronic diseases and showed that the exercise is verycompulsory in our life. Thirdly, improving our moody also the effect of doing exercise in daily life. The exercise is one ofprescription for depression,anxiety and stress. Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for body butless knew about one of the mist effective ways tp improve our mental health. For example, while we areworking or exercising, our brain will stimulates the production of endorphin. Endorphin is a brain chemical(hormone) that leave our feeling happier and more relaxed. That why after we exercise our mind will feelfree and in ease. Therefore, people who in bad mood or having trouble while working are need to go out towalk and having some space by doing exercises like jogging so that the problem are easy to think and tosolve. The coins always have two sided while tossing. Some people do believed that we can maintain our bodyshape without exercise. This may be true to a certain people that believed we still look great and control ourweight without doing exercises. But, having healthy body without doing some exercises does not mean weare healthy.

Sometimes our body looks great just because we control how we are eating. This may alsocaused by our high metabolism in body which make our body looks like a healthy one. This habits shouldnot be frequently do because it can bring a long term effect like gastric, anorexia nervosa and bulimia. To conclude, exercise is very important in our life not just because it can maintain our healthy weightbut it also can prevent us from diseases. By practicing exercising in their daily life would be remainsthrough generation and people should practicing themselves to put exercises as their priority to keep theirhealthy remain until they are ages. Nowadays, obesity has become a serious health problem that people should be concerned about. Obesityhas become one of the leading risks of global deaths as people with obesity are more likely to develop healthproblems such as diabetes, heart attack, and strokes. Everyone can be affected by obesity regardless of theirage or gender. Obesity can be caused by a lot of factors such as poor eating habits, lack of physical activitiesand genetics. Although there is a lot of factors that can cause obesity, the main reason is most probably poor eatinghabits. Because of poor eating habits, people consume an excess amount of calories and their diet is lack ofimportant elements that are necessary for proper development like vitamins and proteins.

The examples ofsuch bad eating habits are eating junk food when hungry, eating too fast without proper chewing, drinkbeverages that contain a high amount of sugar and do not eat regularly. We should always maintain healthyeating habits to make sure that our body is strong and healthy. Hence, poor eating habits are one of the factorsfor the development of obesity. Besides from that, lack of exercise and physical activity can also cause obesity. People who stay inactivewill have higher chances of becoming obese than people who are active as they burn fewer calories and fats. If we do not get rid of the excess fats, they will accumulate in our body from time to time, and we will mostlikely to become obese. For example, many people prefer jobs that do not require them to stand all day long,and also depend on their cars instead of walking, or cycling. When they have free time, people tend to stay intheir house, scrolling through their social media or play computer games, and may not exercise regularly.

All these situations will lead to weight gain as we do not burn the calories that we ate, and the extra calories willbe stored as fat in our body. Therefore, we will most likely to become obese if we stay inactive and do notexercise regularly. Lastly, genetics is also one of the leading causes of obesity. Obesity has a strong genetic component as aperson is more likely to develop obesity if one or both parents are obese. There are certain genetic traits thatcan be inherited from parents to their children. For instance, genetics can give people a proclivity towardsgaining weight, a low metabolism or having a large appetite, which would indeed result in a higher likelihoodin gaining weight. However, obesity is not completely predetermined as what we eat and how we maintainour lifestyle still can have a major effect on our weight. In short, genetics do affect our health by causingobesity. In conclusion, obesity can be caused by poor eating habits,lack of exercise and genetics. We should makeappropriate changes to our lifestyle by starting to involve ourselves in physical activities and maintaininggood eating habits in order to prevent obesity. The governments and the media also play an important role increating awareness about the effects of obesity. Hence, we must all work together towards a healthier nationwithout obesity.

The ending of the First World War brought to the signing and implementation of Versailles Treaty. Thepeace aftermath was destined to be unsustainable as the treaty was unfair and it did not resolve any problem. Conflicts and many other resents grew like sprouts in spring after the ending of the war. The treaty, apunishment to Germany that created instability in politics and economy had increased the desire of thepeople for a leader who was able to lead them for a better country. This was when Adolf Hitler, stepping onthe stairs created by Versailles Treaty, marching towards the position of Chancellor and finally ended the eraof Weimar Republic. His speech and ideology instigated the people, where he then used their madness tostart another war for his own greed. The Second World War, being the most brutal page in human history, involved more than 30 countriesand millions of lives around the world. Germany, the nation that started the war received great casualties andher people suffered from poor health. The poor life condition and extreme environment had affected thehealth of the Germans. Extreme weather undoubtedly was one of the major causes of health problems. In 1941, the extremewinter in Soviet Union was a disaster to the Germans. Although their meals were mostly fresh cooked by thefield kitchen, the food became cold and frozen in a short period of time. This was due to the failure of thefood supply system to deliver the food through trucks while mostly through horses and foot. The Germanswere lack of winter clothes and they suffered when winter arrived. Cotton clothes, leather boots and otherwinter clothing were needed but the requirements were never fulfilled.

The Germans were so poorlyprepared for winter where some of them even wore the coats of the dead Soviets soldiers so they would notfroze to death. The cold food they ate stimulated the digestive system, causing stomach ache and diarrhea. Diarrhea caused loss of fluid in the body and will cause further health problems if it is not treated. As they weretrudging through the snow with thin clothes under the temperature of -22˚C in mid-November, frostbite wasobserved where their toes and fingers blackened. Hypothermia occurred among the soldiers as they couldnot keep themselves warm and fire making had always been a restriction. They were badly affected as theirleaders were too confident about ending the war before winter thus unprepared when they failed to achievetheir objectives. They could not cope with the climate and their technology advancement was lower thantoday. They were lack of vehicles and transport suitable in icy roads for delivery purposes. On the other hand, their comrades were struggling under the scorching sun in North Africa. Extremehotness in July of 1942 was a huge problem to the Germans invading Egypt. The Germans were alwaysmarching under the sun without any protection and even if they stop to rest they could not escape fromsunlight – there were no tress that could provide shade. 

When the wind blew they need to withstand thesandy particles that run into their eyes, making their eyes watery and uncomfortable. In the desert water wasscarce, they could only preserve and ration their precious water to minimize the wastage. The Germans hadto face with sandstorm, which could lead to loss in the desert which imposed a great risk of death. Flies inenormous number often interrupt their meals and they could be seen swinging their arms to get the flies offtheir bad tasted food. Long term exposure under sunlight caused sunburn among the soldiers and some maydevelop sunstroke. It was common to see skin peeling off from one’s face and neck. Dehydration occurreddue to the great amount of water loss through sweating and the lack of replenishing water. The flies were notonly irritating and it also carried disease which was dysentery to be spread among the soldiers. Being aninfection of the intestines, dysentery often cause diarrhea containing blood, stomach cramps, nausea andfever. The disease would increase the risk of dehydration and it was a popular disease among the Germans. The lack of water caused poor hygiene that leaded to easy transmission of the contagious disease andinfection at the area where skin had peeled off. In Berlin, the capital of the country, hunger was surrounding the civilians. Rationing was introduced tothe citizens since August 1939 where the government controlled the foodstuff. Rationing restricted luxuriesamong the Germans and they had to buy food with ration stamps and cash. As the war continued, the rationswere reduced due to the increasing need to feed forced laborers and the insufficient manpower for farming. In a condition where food was limited, the Germans started to have imitation food to replace the real food ontheir every day’s menu. Real and original food was not served every day. Cooked rice was smashed intopatties and fried in mutton fat or oil from tinned fish to produce ersatz meat and ersatz fish. This was done tofulfill their desire towards protein. Coffee was not always from coffee beans, but from roasted grains such asoats and flour for bread was from meals and barley. There were no short term effects of this eating habit butthe Germans experienced the condition for years and it could lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition caused thegrowth of children to be slower and affect the health of adults, especially the elderly.

Children had diet notrich enough in proteins caused the growth rate, the formation of bones and teeth to be slower. Senior citizens and people who are sick had received nutrients that were not enough for them tomaintain health. Hunger had become one of the enemies of the Germans. Some health problems were induced by the stressful life that the Germans experienced. This wasundoubtedly experienced by soldiers as they were facing the scythe of death every day. As for the Germanscitizens who stayed in their homeland had lower stress level and occupy higher morale before Berlin getsinto the sight of the Soviets. Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda played an important part instabilizing the morale of the people especially those in the capital. However, the situation worsened as the war proceeded and where some attempted the July Plot in 1944to overthrow Hitler. The dictator implemented anti-smoking policy where cigarettes were limited to soldiersand tax for tobacco products was higher. In April 1945, Berliners received great tense as the Gestapo wasforcing men from youth to elderly to be involved in protecting the city. Those who resist were killed and theintensity of allied bombing increased every day. Women lived in desperate as they lost their sons, husbandsand their young child. They need to work, plan the meals carefully every day dan to ensure the safety of theother family members. It was obvious that the Reich was experiencing its downfall.

The anti-smoking policyhad increased the chance of Germans to suffer from depression as cigarette was serving as a nerve tonic. Depression leads to insomnia, malnutrition and worst, suicide. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD )developed among the Germans as they were exposed to brutal scene every day especially soldiers wherethey would have nightmares and emotional distress. Hitler’s youth served as soldiers and children whowitnessed the cruelty of war would have psychological impact and may alter their personalities. In conclusion, poor life conditions and environment under war affected the health of Germans. Warbrings far more consequences than deaths as we could observe form the Germans.

The people suffered fromthe greed and personal political belief of their Führer that they once trust. The ending of the war revealedthe importance of peace and fairness among every country around the world. In this well developed eraevery individual should learn from history as the Germans and contribute in maintaining the peace weare enjoying today.

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