The Importance of Inner Versus Outer Beauty to Personal Character

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It does matter and it is important in our society, but for the wrong reasons. You may have been called ‘hot’ ‘sexy’ or even such related words a lot of times. In our society or culture being thin or get married as soon as possible is more important. Beauty is mostly seen in physical features. Outer beauty is more considered in this society than inner beauty. A woman should know how to act herself in public or in a crisis. Being a socialize for a woman is also need requirements. More sales of beauty products, natural skin care, Hair transformation and other products are more common. Magazine covers and billboards only show white Barbie or light skin mixed races in front and showing skinny curves in the TED talk response “This is in.”

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If we talk about the beauty not only woman’s are apart of this but men’s are also leading in this society. They are advertising their portrayed in the same way. They are editing men’s and women’s pictures in the same sexiest way. But number of women’s in creating positions in advertising is higher than men’s. Not only men and women’s but also teenage girls or boys are preferring to looks. Not everyone can be beautiful. Some of us are short or tall, some of us have short or long hairs. These are things everyone deserves and wants. As a human beings, we must learn how to appreciate everyone for who they are. There is always someone more beautiful than the other one.

We must focus on what makes a person unique. The society we live in anything like education, house, cars, etc is possible with beauty. Notice all these nursing advertisements, or college ads the girls are always good looking in shape. In society beauty means that you are in shape, good looking, or have perfect skin, but if you have nothing than you are useless.

The importance of Internal and External beauty should be same. Many like to believe that looks are not important. A good person is involved in more than just physical appearance. The judgment shouldn’t be based on external appearance but it should be based on performance and what the person is from inside. People judge others on their looks which is very wrong. Personally, I think beauty has always been in style. People like to look at things that are pleasant. It’s not right or wrong.

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