The Importance of Investing into Leadership Development and Management Training

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As the hospitality industry is constantly developing, hotel chains capitalizing on leadership development and management training is a very important key to success. When a hotel chain invests into their leaders, leaders will begin to invest heavily into their employees. Servant leadership is the driving leadership philosophy for hotel management in which leaders look to serve other employees by helping to remove obstacles in their way and helping them acquire the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. The greater level of hospitality shown within a hotel or housing complex determines the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, management training will provide a manager ways to ensure guests are satisfied with their stay. When a hotel chain and housing complex developer applies these principles within their leadership development and management training, employee morale will rise, there will be less turnovers than before, and most importantly – an increase in happy customers.

Promotes a Better Work Environment and Increases Performance

When leaders within a hotel chain are trained to create a work environment that is morally uplifting, it results in employees bringing out the best in themselves and other coworkers. Furthermore, it is imperative for managers to understand the importance of hiring employees with personalities that will adhere to the principles the company wishes to promote. The attitude of employees within a hotel chain is very important as it can affect the company’s well-being. Employees with a positive attitude will be engaged, and this will lead them to work harder in order to better serve guests with a warm welcome and striving to meet all of guests’ expectations. Going to work each day with a positive attitude and treating others with dignity will go a long way and will boost one’s self confidence in return. In order to do this, the employee will need good listening skills. Listening is a very important quality to have in a leader. It has even been stated that George Washington’s best trait was his ability to listen. Many times in an environment like hotel chains, if an employee is not a good listener then they will not be able to take initiative and start solving problems. After employees start really interacting with the customers and caring about their satisfaction while staying at the hotel, they will begin to challenge management & colleagues. They’ll realize that people are more important than processes, which will assist the company in progressing forward with better ideas and innovation to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

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Return on Investment

A hotel’s main goal should be to keep the customer so satisfied during their stay that he/she are an advocate for the hotel whenever they check out. Maybe the customers will write good reviews online and talk about how great of a place it was to stay. This will not happen without the employees displaying great leadership and management skills. Once an employee becomes a successfully developed leader, he/she will have a big impact on the company as a whole. The leader/manager will teach other employees their successful methods and become mentors to ensure the company will have a bright future with successful leaders for years to come. Well trained employees represent greater earnings potential for the company.

In conclusion, it is important for hotels to invest in leadership development training for many reasons. The training will increase employee engagement and help employees solve any problems that may arise at any time of day and leaders will mentor others to set the company up for a bright future.

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