The Importance of Jury Duty


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Jury duty is the act of being a member within a body of civilians in court. It derives from the sixth amendment, which is the constitutional right to be tried by one’s peers and requires direct participation in the judicial process. Jurors, the individuals in the body of the jury, are meant to meticulously review the case at hand and determine a final verdict on whether the accused stand guilty or innocent.

High Duty

Serving on a jury is one of the highest duties American citizenship can offer, and is an important obligation in which all members of american society must partake in. Serving jury duty allows civilians to peer into how the justice system works as well as issues in their own communities, in addition to a higher understanding of the laws all american citizens must abide by. Jury service can also clear up any previous misconceptions made about how serving in a jury is operated. Typically, members of jury duty end up with a much greater respect for the american justice system when they leave.

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Bringing Justice

Serving on a jury is one of the most just and fair ways for the common person to bring justice. It is also a way for the average person to give back to their country, and those who do so have made a huge commitment to our democratic system of government. As Tom Clark, former justice of the Supreme Court once said, ‘The jury system improves the quality of justice and is the sole means of keeping its administration attuned to community standards.’

The Voice of the People

Jury duty also serves as a much better alternative to being tried by only a judge, as the point of the jury is to hear the voice of the people. Without jury service, those who stand accused would not have much of a chance during a case, as they are only dealing with one person deciding their verdict, as opposed to an entire group, in which there are likely minds that share different views which could aid the accused. Therefore there is always a possibility that a member of the jury can identify with you and understand where you are coming from regarding the case the jury is serving on.

Affecting Someone’s Life

But most importantly, attending jury duty can make a difference in one’s community and impact somebody’s life. There are many examples of cases in which the accused was able to receive either fairness, or justice through the decision of the jury on the case. This makes jury duty one of the truest forms of democracy there is. The participation of each and every member serving on a jury makes a substantial impact on our everyday society.


In conclusion, jury service is one of the most civil and most true forms of democracy. important because it promotes civic participation, positive change in communities, and a more elevated knowledge of the workings of the law. Additionally, it encourages unbias and unity among the common people in order to deliver a fair and just verdict.

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