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The Importance Of Making Yourself a Brand

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Everyone is born with a brand. The trick is to build on what you have, not reinvent the wheel. As Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, once said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. The best way to market yourself is to build on your brand. Use what you have, your strengths, personality and your experience to build yourself a brand. Knowing how to use what you have is your biggest asset. First you need to determine what your strengths are, everyone has strengths, it’s up to us to work out what they are and improve on them. Then you need to learn how to perform and use your strengths to the best of your ability. Once you have discovered your strengths and you are able to perform them, you need to decide what your values are. Branding oneself is like building blocks. Building on what you already have created for the strongest foundation. If you truly believe in yourself and your brand, others will believe in you too. The following social entrepreneurs used their pre-existing strengths and what they value to create their very own successful and meaningful organization.

Sejal Hathi’s profile is quite effective as it consists of a long list of all her strengths as well as her endorsements. This impresses users to read on about her and her goals. She is so proud of her achievements and shares them to help promote her cause.

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Blacke Mycoskie uses many images on his profile which allows for an extremely effective and attractive profile. He likes to capture the audience with visuals instead.

Hugh Evans has several effective and powerful elements displayed on his LinkedIn profile. He likes to keep short and to the point.

Simple and easy to understand helps views not become overwhelmed with the amount of information displayed. When I think of LinkedIn, I think of everyone talking about how important and successful they are, whilst complementing each other on their promotions and writing really long posts about their experience and information they’ve gathered on their career path. It’s an odd concept, however if I agree with it or not, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for ambitious job seekers. We are brought up to be humble, but these days boastfulness seems to be the on path to success.

Core elements of an impressive LinkedIn profile

After researching and understanding how LinkedIn works I have come up with six core elements that help create an impressive LinkedIn profile. This doesn’t mean if you don’t have all six your profile is horrible or unattractive. These seven just help enhance what information you already have. First up, ensure you have a profile picture. Profile pictures are very important. Most people judge on first appearance, which doesn’t make it right, however that’s the world we live in and if your lacking a profile picture chances are the views thinks you are ashamed of your looks or they think the worst themselves. Having a profile picture doesn’t have to mean your attractive or have some fancy head shot, employers like to put a face to name. Employers like to be familiar with your face, so they know what to expect. Obviously depending on the industry you’re trying to get into will help you determined the best style of profile picture. If you’re heading into the business world and that particular field wears very professional attire, then you should be wearing something similar in your profile picture. On the other hand, if you’re looking for recruitment from a creative agency or the arts world then you would create yourself a little more of a creative picture. You need to think logically about your profile picture, don’t just put up a picture of you and some friends out on a Saturday night, keep that for Instagram. Regardless of the industry, ensure to keep the picture clear, high quality and recent.

Secondly, fill out every section possible. This is a must. When creating a new profile, I found that LinkedIn asked a lot of question about my education, experience and personal details. Even though it felt like an endless amount of typing, I understood the importance of filling in every section. A complete and full profile shows you’re dedicated to your career and you aren’t afraid to share your experiences and wisdom.

Third of all, follow people you admire and would like to work with. This will firstly help guide you in regard to your profile, follow the style and feel they go for whilst still trying to be original. This also shows potential employers who you are interested in and the career path you are trying to achieve. Also portrays who inspires you which is important for employers.

Fourthly, use an appropriate headline. Headlines are challenging, most people don’t really understand what they are or what they are meant to say. There are many different opinions in what exactly it should consist of. Therefore, majority just put their job title or a little catch phrase, while others prefer to turn it in to some sort of overarching theme of their work. I personally chose the latter because to me, it makes more sense to be a little different and more creative. I like to stand out and try being original, especially within the business world. Just be sure to consider the industry you are in and what will help you get to where you want to be next. Which follows on to orienting your profile summary.

The fifth tip I found to be most helpful is to ensure you can sum up your profile in a few words and make sure your profile clearly gives users that feel. “Here’s what I can do for you” if a very common orientation. However, these days users are being more original and going for more bold or creative vibe. When my profile is viewed, I want to be summed up as driven, organized and capable. LinkedIn can be a bit of a competition to be honest. Anyone can make themselves sound important and successful if they use the correct language. So, to ensure you don’t fall into that trend, I find employers look for people who get the work done effectively and efficiently, not “important people”.

Lastly, update your skills, interests and profile. Just like we constantly update our Facebook feed, Instagram profile or any other social media platform, LinkedIn is no different in that aspect. It may be more professional, but it is still a social media account and if you lack to update it or be regularly active, nobody will take you seriously. LinkedIn does a fantastic job at recommending jobs based off your skills, interests and the companies or organizations you follow.

Based on all the research I have done and the new concepts I have learnt I definitely need to do some work on my own LinkedIn account. The truth is, there is always room for improvement and there is never a time where no more updating or work should be done. LinkedIn is an amazing platform that has helped many job seekers. However, LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking website. Although some people use the site for job searches and recruitment, it mainly helps you to get in touch with past colleagues and potential clients and expand your professional network. LinkedIn is there to help expand your network and share your personal experiences. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for students who are preparing to graduate and start the next exciting chapter of their lives. It can help you define your career path, build a professional network, and even find your first job. Learn how to tap into the power of LinkedIn to locate industry insights, internships, jobs, and valuable connections.


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