The Importance of Reflection and Communication in Health Care

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Reflection enables health care professionals to acknowledge and learn from their strengths and weaknesses. Jasper, describes reflection as a process of learning from experience to develop work practices. Academically, with the help of my mentor, I am gradually improving my knowledge of, teamwork, understanding the importance of reflecting, working together, the impact of my actions, the value my position within the team and the importance of physical observations. Royal College of Nursing (RCN) suggest that Staff should gather information, reflect on feedback from patients, families, colleagues and other professionals to improve performance. In the event of complaints, RCN and NMC  explains that staff should reflect and value the importance of feedback seriously as it is an opportunity to regain improvement on practice and learning.

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The organisation has a number of policies. Peate OBE explains that it is vital as an assistant practitioner to know all the policies and procedures as best practice, I should incorporate with the regulations to guide me when delivering safe and effective care. Furthermore, Peate OBE suggests that patients and staff could be in danger if staff fail to work in line with the regulations could lead to dismissal and prosecution. The Department of Health,  emphasise that health care professionals are individually responsible for the information they record and the information may be subject to the law and it is a professional requirement. In addition, Prideaux  suggests that record keeping is an important part of health care workers, it improves the quality of care and it is a reflection of the care provided.

Peate OBE explains I have a legal responsibility in maintaining patient safety and wellbeing, adhering to care plans and a duty to care. In the event of such an occurrence, learning from experience has enabled me to critically reflect on my responsibilities as an assistant practitioner. Importantly, it is vital that “Support workers need to embrace the wonderful job they do and the real difference they make in the lives of their service users and their families”.

In conclusion, as an assistant practitioner, the importance of reflection and communication in health care has been illustrated. Driscoll model of reflection has been used and identified in the essay. This reflection has clarified how effective and ineffective communication can impact on patients and staff in health care organisations. Learning needs have been identified, the importance of raising alarms, learning from mistakes and an understanding of the role of an assistant practitioner has been shown. The importance of communication by raising alarms and responding to emergencies has been explained. During incidents people can be affected in many different ways, seeking help is important. The reflection has shown the importance of patient safety, the law governing patients and the need to incorporate policies and procedures.

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