The Importance of Respecting Teachers by not Lying

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Listening to teachers is an important trait, as they have authority over you. They have to be treated with respect as they are adults. When you speak with a teacher, it has to be in a truthful and respectful way. Teachers are the people who are in charge with your future, so you should not be rude to them. Teachers have a very hard job. They have to teach 50+ student 5 days a week so you really shouldn't mistreat them and lie to them. Teachers also are only here to help you and teach you stuff that is necessary for you to advance in your work. Students need teachers. And all teachers ask in return is respect and good work. And that is exactly what we should give them in return.

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Our parents pay an unbelievable amount of money for us to get educated by the best of the best. I should not waste my parent's money and my teacher's valuable time because I seem incapable of doing the easiest task in school: respecting teachers. If a teacher tells you something, ot is obviously for your good, as it is their job to serve you with help when you need it. They wouldn't get you in trouble for no reason. They don't benefit from it. And neither do you by not listening.

By ignoring the advice, you are just sabotaging your future as a whole. It is easy for you to listen, and it will be even easier for you to apply it to your life to better your work, life, and yourself. Teachers are very valuable for our community and our future. The whole world's future is based on education, and that wouldn't exist without our teachers key role in delivering education to the soon-to-be adults. And they will not do this job if you don't give them respect. That is all they ask in return. This is why you should listen to teachers and respect teachers. Lying is a very serious topic. People usually lie to cover themselves, and it de-escalates further and further until you arrive at the point of no return. What starts as harmless turns harmful.

Lying happens time to time between friends, but it is off-limits to lie to teachers. These people have to carry a lot on their back. You lying endangers the relationship you have with your teacher and how trustworthy you are. You are not only ruining your learning experience but also the teachers satisfaction with the class. By lying to a teacher is rude and disgusting behavior, and should never be done by anyone. Teachers are great people. They dedicate years of their life to be able to help you. So for you to lie to them is a spit on the face. You should be able to respect them. And it starts by telling the truth.

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