The Importance of Secondhand Smoking Awareness

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The activity which is addictive and only brings about tremendous damages to human health, but is still legal in almost every circumstance is smoking. According to research on the NHS website – the United Kingdom’s biggest health website, smoking kills almost 80,000 patients every year with smoking-related diseases (‘What are health risks of smoking?’, 2018). Due to its harmfulness, and hazard, a person should be acquainted with how it affects the human body, who can be affected, and why he should get rid of it.

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Smoking results in several adverse impacts on the human body. As reported on CDC-Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, smoking is accountable for one over 4 deaths by cardiovascular diseases (U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2014). The root of this disease is the heart’s shortage of the necessary quantity of blood. When a person inhales a cigarette, the substances in it will make the blood thicker by creating a lack of oxygen in the blood. Rapidly, it will compose a plaque in the artery and form an obstruction in the bloodstream. Therefore, blood cannot be properly transported to the heart. Secondly, smoking is the key to lung cancer. Lung tissues are impaired as substances of tobacco increase and thicken the mucus in the throat and airways. Moreover, even when the smoking progress ends, cilia in the lungs are still deactivated for hours. This deactivation stops the lung from detoxifying itself. In long term, the hazardous residues stuck in the lung will result in serious illness. In Stacy Simon’s research, she claims that smoking is responsible for 80.5 percent of deaths caused by cancer (Simon, 2015). Eventually, smoking is also the main factor resulting in oral diseases. Stained teeth and unpleasant smelling breath are just minor consequences. The lack of oxygen in the blood when a person smokes inhibits the self-recover process of wounds in gum. As a result, bacteria can easily attack the gum, lead to gum disease and cause tooth losses. In general, smoking leaves major damages to the human body.

Not only brings about various dreadful multi-effects, but smoking is also harmful to multi-objects: both active smokers and passive smokers. Active smokers are those who directly consume cigarettes. In the article “What’s in a Cigarette?”, American Lung Association reports that when a cigarette is burnt, more than 7000 chemicals are generated from about 600 ingredients, and not less than 69 of those chemicals cause cancer (‘What’s in a Cigarette?’, 2019). This data signifies the great number of pestiferous substances which active smokers get when inhaling just a single cigarette. Soon, the baneful chemicals will invade their body system and attack the organs. However, the invasion and attack not only happen to active smokers, but also to those who consume tobacco indirectly. In the tobacco consuming process, besides inhaling, active smokers also release secondhand smoke – usually known as environmental tobacco smoke and create third-hand smoke – the smoke which remains in any places they have consumed cigarette. By breathing in this pestiferous smoke uncontrollably, non-smokers will become secondhand smokers. They will get identical health problems to the active smoker. This effect is extremely dangerous, especially to children and pregnant women. Women during pregnancy may be associated with low birth weight, preterm birth, or miscarriage when they expose to secondhand or third-hand smoke. It is even more dangerous to children when in contact with secondhand or thirdhand smoke because children’s organs are not fully developed. Their organs cannot create enough protection for themselves. Children can get serious physical problems such as ear infections, pneumonia, and developmental delays when they expose to secondhand smoke and third-hand smoke. Smoking is not simply health threaten. It is a death premonition for both active smokers and passive smokers.

Nevertheless, numerous active smokers claim that smoking helps them to reduce stress. Moreover, it is reported that nicotine in cigarettes can lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease (Chaoran Ma, Yesong Liu, Samantha Neumann, Xiang Gao, 2017). This is true, but the magnificent rewards when quitting smoking may make active smokers ruminate. The immediate rewards cannot be seen apparently because the marvelous process occurs inside active smokers’ bodies. As soon as active smokers stop consuming tobacco, the organs will start to eliminate the toxic. Their function will be recovered. Active smokers’ bodies will heal themselves. In long term, quitting smoking helps active smokers saving money. In a report, it is claimed that the one who smokes only a packet of cigarettes per day spends 10,800 dollars each year on cigarettes (‘Cost of smoking’, 2019). In other words, giving up smoking gives active smokers a huge amount of money which can make their life more comfortable. Moreover, stop consuming tobacco helps smokers to create a safe environment for their beloved ones. Passive smokers’ health will also be improved thanks to the evanescence of secondhand and thirdhand smoke. Women in pregnancy will have a secure carrying process. Children will have the opportunity to grow to their full potential. In short, smoking renouncement is the solution for better health and a better life.

In conclusion, smoking only leads to terrible damages. It results in various health issues for humankind, both adults and children, direct and indirect tobacco consumers.

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