The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself: if You Do not Take Care of Yourself, No One Will

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It's clear that people like to interact with other people. We want others to love us, take care of us and spend part of their time with us. Anyway, it's good for us to keep in mind that this is not a basic need. What is really important is that we take care of ourselves, love each other, and learn to be happy for and with ourselves.

Nobody is really indispensable to our ability to be happy or to feel complete, even though we often think so. What others give us is in reality just a voluntary act that is even more rewarding when it comes unexpectedly. Those who want to be with us will be with us and take care of us without us having to ask them.

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The Existence Does not Allow Substitutes

We are all unique and very special. Therefore we all have different emotions, experiences and ways to master life. Thus, only we ourselves can regulate what we are and what we feel. For example, if we want someone to take care of us, then we need to learn how to take care of ourselves.

'Because nobody can learn for you. Nobody can grow for you. Nobody can search for you. No one can do anything for you that you have to do for yourself.' Jorge Bucay

Bucay says nobody can grow for us and he is not wrong. Nobody will ever be able to follow in our footsteps, no matter how much he loves us. Our greatest expectations and challenges are best directed in one direction: inside us.

In this sense, there are many great opportunities ahead of us that we may benefit from. There are also many decisions that we have to make. Taking care of ourselves means that we always have to be aware of what can happen to us at any time. Preserving our inner balance depends only on us.

The Importance of Taking Care of Ourselves so That We Can Possibly Take Care of Others

Even if we lose our inner balance and then have to fight against adversities, we will always have many people at our side. But we should not rely on that because it is not always the case. Someone we thought would be there for us might be missing. And surely there is someone who surprises us, whom we did not expect. Therefore, we can not 100% estimate the strength of the people who accompany us. But we can assess our own strengths.

For example, sometimes we have to part with someone and we think we can not continue without that person. We can not understand that we have to be there for ourselves first and then for other people. As a result, we feel dependent in some way. In spite of everything, that's just a mirage. We will find a way out and never be there for us again.

For essentially, the only one who must be with you is you. Everything else comes by itself in the form of a healing, in the form of a blanket, at distances that were never there.

Self-confidence is indispensable in these cases. Believing in oneself is the first step in overcoming any suffering and enjoying the things we enjoy to the fullest. In fact, it is important that we value ourselves and love ourselves as we are, so that others can do the same.

The people we love enrich our lives, but we live for ourselves

When we take care of ourselves and love ourselves, it seems that everyone else wants to do that without any compulsion. It makes us feel that everything is much easier. The truth is that the people we love are improving our lives. But in the end we are alone. Alone to do what we want and what life gives us.

'We are born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only love and friendship can give us the illusion for a moment of not being alone.' Orson Welles

Love, friends and family give us the warmth we sometimes need and support us in all situations. However, you may still feel cold inside if there is no heat there. It is very helpful to understand that the time given to us is only ours. As well as the decision how we use them.

If you do not take care of yourself, nobody will. We all have an obligation to nurture our inner 'me' and let it grow. We must fulfill our dreams and overcome our weaknesses. We need to look for the things that make us happy and then decide if we want to share our happiness with someone who proves that he would like that privilege.

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