The Importance of Team Building and Five Essential Stages of Team Building

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Team building, in an organization or a company we work together as a team. But its very important to build a team as team building is a process of making a development of a team. It is a collective form for doing various kind of activities like making any decision, running a company and much more. The important thing to notice about is that how a person or leader can build its team. By following the five stages of team building a leader can successfully build its team. These are:

  • Forming: To form means to make up, to meet new people and talk to each other. In forming stage people introduce themselves to other people and get to know about others background that helps them to make good understanding.
  • Storming: While developing a team one cannot avoid this storming stage because here people share their ideas and concerns about a particular task. In this stage most of the conflict occur because everyone has their own perceptions.
  • Norming: When people came to this stage, they came to know more about each other’s view and understand their thoughts and now in this stage people focus about working together rather than individual goals.
  • Performing: This is the fourth level as some of the people came to this level by knowing each other, having full trust on everyone working together for reaching and achieving goals.
  • Adjourning: The last level of developing a team, now here people will move ahead by celebrating their success.

In my experience, I would like to share my past experience, when I was studying for Bachelor of Education, we were a class of 40 students in which some of them was from IT background, some from science, some from arts and some of them from engineering background. But in one course our class in charge told us to form a group for one topic, every group has to choose one topic and have to present in front of all class and as I am from science background, I preferred my friends who have came with me and have the same science background. But the topic was the related to art and technology. No one from us was from that department so in that we make the wrong team and we lost some of the points.

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Now after knowing the topic team building, I came to know about what we did wrong while making team. We had to prefer other people too so that we could get more information about themselves and we could share ideas among us in that way it might also help us to get good marks too. If we made the team having arts student and IT student then they might help us in getting information about their subjects and about that particular topic and also help us to attain good marks.

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