The Importance of Thanksgiving and How It Gets Lost Between Black Friday and Christmas

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The Underappreciated Holiday

Turn on the radio. There’s about a 50% chance that Christmas music is playing right now. Go to your local grocery store. There’s now about a 100% chance that you will hear that music and see Christmas items throughout the store, with an occasional turkey and the a couple Happy Thanksgiving cards. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. No, it’s not. It’s looking like late fall outside with a little bit of ice. How is it that every station on the radio and every store in the America has forgotten that we still have another holiday before Christmas? Why has everyone forgot about the most underappreciated holiday, Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving is a time where families can come together to enjoy one another’s company and reflect back on all of the things they are grateful for. It is a time of giving and a time of love and gratitude. It is a time to eat till you’re sick and talk with old relatives you forgotten you were even related to. But what happens the day after Thanksgiving? Black Friday, the greediest day of the year. Black Friday has concocted an evil scheme. Black Friday wants to take over Thanksgiving. And so far, Black Friday is succeeding. Not only does Black Friday fill the minds of every American parent and teen, but it has figured out a way to weasel into Thanksgiving’s special time. Black Friday now opens up on Thursday evening, meaning people begin to line up far before then. If there are people lined up to buy the new iPhone 6 for a cheaper price, then how are they supposed to celebrate their Thanksgiving feast? They don’t, that’s how. Isn’t it ironic that the greediest day of the year is cutting into the time of the most selfless day of the year?

Thanksgiving is a song worthy holiday, and yet not one good song has been written about it. “That would be too awkward” you’re probably saying to yourself. The only reason it would be awkward is because it’s not ‘normal’ to hear such songs. There are literally hundreds of song writers spread throughout America, and yet not one person can come up with a good Thanksgiving song? If we travelled back in time and began to write songs about turkeys and gratitude, the musical world would be a different place. We would be turning on our radios and hearing Thanksgiving music in October and groaning about how early it had started this year. We would scoff at the thought of having Christmas music because who wants to sing about an old man sliding down your chimney to give you toys? Certainly not anyone in their right mind. Or enforce a law that Christmas music will start December 1st and no earlier. Only the worst kind of criminals would go around blasting Christmas music in July if a law was set up.

Thanksgiving has all the ingredients to be one of the greatest holidays. The main thing you do on Thanksgiving is eat food. Isn’t that what everyone loves? Delicious food and a good excuse to eat it? “Oh it’s Thanksgiving so I don’t need to worry about my diet today.” You can literally eat all day and no one will judge you. And if you are feeling particularly selfish you can sit and listen to people talk about how grateful they are to have you in their life. The only things standing in its way are Christmas music and Black Friday. When the mind is busy thinking about what they want to buy their family for Christmas, how can Thanksgiving even have a chance of spreading its gratitude spirit into the home?

Friends listen closely; I’m not trying to stop you from listening to Christmas music. I’m just trying to give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves. The Christmas music can wait till December 1st or at least November 29th. Black Friday can start the first Friday of December. The mad rush and vicious clawing can wait till after Thanksgiving season is over. Have a little compassion for Thanksgiving and give it the time it deserves, because it really does deserve it. Don’t let Thanksgiving go underappreciated anymore.

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