The Importance of Traditions and Customs in Dead Men's Path

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The symbolism in these stories both have this colonial theme. In Dead Men’s path, the path represents the importance of traditional beliefs and practices. the path passing through the garden of the school, it symbolizes the way that traditions cuts through the new, modern ways and ideas of Obi and rejecting the foreign ideas, but he felt threatened Obi's desperate measures to keep them out with barbed wire that stands for the aggression and uncivilised barbaric aspects of the colonialism aspects of the state in Nigeria. Barbed wire is generally used to keep animals out of fields.

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The strongest symbolism in Karma is when Sir Mohan gets kicked out by the Englishman out of the train and leaves without him because. Symbolically this could be important, everything that he tried to be view English did not worked because he was still not an Englishman. It is possible that the writer is saying that a person abandon their heritage or culture as Mohan does they are only fooling themselves. A person will always be judged by their appearance and as Mohan did not look like an Englishman to the two soldiers they threw him out of the train. If Mohan was proud of being Indian he would have treated lady Lah better and not have encountered the soldiers. He should have be proud who he was and not adopt the colonists habits as his own.


Both of these stories have a man versus society conflict in dead man’s path the ancestral footpath creates conflict between Obi and the villagers. The older Igbo generation did everything the traditional way while the newer generation views these traditions as outdated and unnecessary. In the story, the priest argues for tradition, but Obi stubbornly resists the elder. Obi represents the younger generation of Igbos who have been educated in missionary schools during the colonial times. Sir Mohan.

If anything it would seem that the most important thing to Mohan is to give off the impression to others that he is an Englishman. But because of his appearance they do not see him not as a Englishman. The two English soldiers throw Mohan out of the first class compartment because in their eyes he is an Indian and is not worthy of being in first class. This is important as Singh may be highlighting the effects of colonialism on Indian society. Just as Mohan considers himself better than Lady Lal. Many English people considered themselves better than Indians. In many ways some readers might think that Mohan got what he deserved. He considers himself better than not only his wife but also his people. It is also possible that Mohan is insecure about the fact that he is really an Indian and sees no point in being an Indian. Whereas many of the Indians would be proud of where they came from and would not wish to shift their identity. Like lady Lah because she still talks with them, dresses and acts like a Indian and is not ashamed of it.  

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