The Importance of Using Vlog in Language Learning

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One of skills which is important in English language is speaking. The students should be fluent in speaking to communicate with other. It is also to avoid misunderstanding when communicate with other. Speaking is productive, oral skill and comprise of producing systematic verbal utterances to communicate meaning (Bailey & Nunan, 2005). The students need to be good in speaking to complete the requirements of their study. To get that ability the students should have practice to fluent in speaking.

Moreover, there are some problems in student’s speaking skill. Fitriani, Swasti&Wardah (2014) stated in their research that some of students problems in speaking are about grammar , anxious and lack of vocabulary. Some students said even though they have many ideas in their minds but they cannot deliver it at all when they speak.

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Anil stated in her journal (2016), currently in educational system the teacher just focused on syllabus and exam rather than increasing the language ability of the students. This passivity of learning will give impact to students. For instance, the lack of accurate pronunciation, improper oral fluency, at last their level of confidence would be at stake. There are several ways which can be used to improve students’ speaking skill such as picture, newspaper, etc.

The weaknesses of traditional method in language teaching and learning are there is not sufficient attention to teach the basic skills (speaking, reading, listening, and writing), the lack of speaking and pronunciation practice. The highest main concern in traditional method is to teach the written language in learning foreign language (Boumova, 2008).

The use of technology in language teaching and learning is familiar idea right now and it has been implemented for many years now (Sanyat, 2015). It means that technology have been used by many teacher around the world in latest past.

Nowadays, one of media which supported by technology is vlog. Vlog is one of application for students which is used with Smartphone. A vlog is blend of video and blog (blog itself is a mix of web and log). The differences of blog and vlog are blog used for written communication moreover vlog used for oral communication. Second language learner used vlog to make documentation and to know their speaking improved by evaluating their ability to speak fluently (Anil, 2016).

The importance of using vlog in language learning is to help students enhance their speaking skill, do better on expressing idea, storytelling and others. The teacher can evaluate the students’ assignment individually at home or everywhere with their own gadget (Rakhmanina & Kusumaningrum, 2017). Using vlog can support self-monitored speaking. Student can watch, listen and evaluate their video before they collect the video to the teacher (Watskin, 2011)

Rakhmanina & Kusumaningrum (2017) proves in her research learning by using vlog is more effective than expository strategy. The result of mean score students learnt by using vlog (25.8 %) was higher than students learnt by using expository (22.4%).

The topic of vlog can be used in teaching speaking skill have been discussed by the researchers in their project at last decades (Balakrishnan & Puteh, 2014; Anil, 2016). Anil (2016) proves in her research vlogging is a good oral communicative application because the students would learn from their errors with the help by facilitator. The students show good attitude when they use vlog in their classroom. Moreover, for a moment some of students believed that they could not learn language better via computers or smart phone. Anil, (2016) stated in his journal that (0,72%) and 43 of the students said that vlog is effective and reinforcement. However, (0.50%) and 30 of the students lack of interaction.

Previous study has examined the implementation of a vlog project in an English specific purposes (ESP) course. Hung, (2011) stated in his journal that additionally 71% reported that vlog was a good tool for students to learn and 88% students pointed out that vlog provided multidimensional perspective about learning.

In Indonesia, teaching speaking by using vlog is still new. There are a few researchers which examined the use of vlog as a media in teaching speaking skill in elementary school up to university language classroom.

Thus, in this paper the research would contribute the knowledge about the use of vlog as a media in teaching speaking skill in senior high school level at Indonesia. The researcher wants to know how the teacher implements vlog and students’ response about vlog. If the previous researcher focused in students perspective of using vlog in speaking skill and the improvement of the students’ speaking skill through vlog, but this study focused to identify how the teacher implement vlog in teaching speaking and students response of vlog.

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