The Importance of Women’s Right to Vote

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For as long as we can remember, men have been the dominant force in society. No matter the age or civilization, it was always men that were credited with advancing the culture and its people. But, what many don’t realize is that behind many of those men were women that helped to guide them. I say that these women deserve the chance to receive the credit and rights they rightly deserve, now more than ever. I say this because it has become especially apparent women need the chance to vote for reasons like how the power men have wielded has shown to corrupt them, women are not being shown the respect they deserve, and how the political parties are too busy fighting each other to focus on improving our great nation.

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Over the years, men have enjoyed the power and opportunities their gender and class has provided them. Without question, these men have certainly helped to advance their communities and the like using these advantages. But this sense of power can also corrupt a person. Some men allow their positions to go to their heads, and as a result, warp their perception. They believe they are in the right, not matter what actions they take, and attempt to justify their actions. One such example of this injustice can be found in the words of George W. Plunkitt. “. . . I’ve not gone for dishonest graft…. , and neither has any of the men who have made big fortunes in politics. ” This shows that some believe they are in the right in their actions, and attempt to defend others who have done the same. If a woman were allowed to vote, then she would be able help to curb the egos of these men. Instead of heeding much needed advice, these men defend each other, and only each other, instead of trying to help others that are more in need. “Every good man looks after his friends, and any man who doesn’t isn’t likely to be popular. ” It is because of these kinds of actions that reforms and civil acts are even needed. If a woman were allowed to have a voice, she would be able to help her man see that the downtrodden should gain a chance to succeed, rather than provide for the already successful. In this age, these men have become so used to the status quo that they become so hostile to anything that could limit them. A woman’s vote could help to force a man to live as honestly as possible, rather than spin tales to improve their positions.

Throughout history, women have always been made to live in the background. They have been forced to live quietly, instead of being shown the proper respect they deserve. This has happened, even though women have repeatedly shown they can be just as capable as men in several fields. Women should be have access to the same resources and opportunities as their male counterparts. “. . . for the full development of her faculties and forces of mind and body, for giving her the most enlarged freedom of thought and action. . . ” When allowed to learn, to develop them themselves, a woman can perform as admirably, if not outclass, a man in a chosen field. But if a woman tries to apply herself, she is forced to fight through the discrimination and barriers society throws in her path. Not only this, but she also forced to take this journey completely alone, instead of being supported, and must endure all the hardships that entails. “The woman’s happiness is wrecked, alone she bears her humiliation; and the solitude of the weak and the ignorant is indeed pitiable. In the wild chase for the prizes of life they are ground to powder. ” Women must also contend with being seen as less than men, and are made to persevere through harsh punishments for actions that a man would receive a lesser sentence for. As stated in a letter to Susan B. Anthony, ‘“Yet the woman still have to remain in jail 12 months for stealing one over skirt Value fifty Cent…”. The woman mentioned had to survive a brutal lashing while also being imprisoned for this small crime. This evidence only shows how women are being denied the rights and privileges they deserve.

Women deserve to be seen and treated for what they are: citizens, who are no more and no less equal than the men they share this country with. Since the founding of this country, there have always been political groups acting to maintain order and push this nation in a certain direction. Regardless of what group may have held the most power, the goal of these groups was always the same: do whatever may be best for the nation, and help it grow. But lately, this seems to no longer be the case. The men in charge of these political groups have increasingly strayed from their original goal, and seem to be more focused on attacking their rivals to maintain their own power. ”

Politician like those worked for themselves first and last”. They allow their rivalry to spur out of control, and begin flinging slurs and encouraging violence against the other. “Every man who regretted to see the shackles drop from, women and children, everyone was a Democrat”, is one example of such slurs. This intense mentality and sense of partisanship draws severe and near unbridgeable lines between the people of this country. This way of thinking hurtfully divides the citizens of this nation, instead of bringing them together under one ideal. “In some areas, belonging to the wrong party could be physically dangerous, and the danger increased when poverty or skin color deprived one of the power to call on influential friends for aid. ” Should someone attempt to change their alignment in politics, they risk being ostracized, and even attacked by their peers. This overzealous rivalry is one of the reasons why it would be beneficial for women to gain the right to vote. With the influence of a woman’s voice, these men could set aside their vanity, and stop focusing so much on keeping their positions. They would be able to help curb this needless sense of aggression, and focus the flow of politics back to the original goal of helping this nation.

Overall, this nation desperately needs for its female citizens to gain the right to vote. Women gaining the ability to vote would only help to improve this great nation. By finally gaining the political voice they have been denied, there would be a chance for the people to burn away the corruption that has been allowed to grow in the heart of government.

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