The Important Things to Remember for Happy Marriage

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  • Not having enough verbal communication
  • Not being able to control the anger
  • Not doing any activity together
  • Not admiring/appreciating

Aren’t you satisfied with your spouse? Don’t you feel love from her/him like before? Then, you must identify the following reasons which may have already caused to break your mind. Re-correcting them will help you to build a strong relationship with your loving partner again.

Not having enough verbal communication

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When boys and girls are in love, they prefer to meet each other, and they love to chat frequently. But we cannot see this habit lasts even after the marriage and after having kids. They are not close anymore. Husband will be reading the newspaper or watching the TV while the wife is working at the kitchen. Today, the television has become the biggest barrier to have a chat with each other. After spending a hard day, people like to sit in front of the tv and watch teledramas which never include any important thing to learn. They just show fights, quarrels inside the families. Will this habit help you to have a happy marriage life? Never! So, try to have a cup of tea and talk with him/her. Do not talk about office, working conditions. Just remind the past days you spent happily with your partner.

Not being able to control the anger

If you can’t control your anger, it affects to somebody else. That person can be your wife or husband. Or maybe your child. There is a something that you will certainly receive after you are showing your feelings. That is, “a suitable response to your action”. Most of the time, that response creates a conflict with you. When you behave angrily, anyone does not see any good about you. Just the bad! If you feel angry or if your spouse is blaming, then try to do some work. Never try to talk over him/her.

Not doing any activity together

Mainly, this reason can be seen from wife. Having to do a lot of activities alone, responsibilities to do as a housewife/mother/employee may lead to reduce the preference of the marriage life. A wife has to wake up early, she has to prepare the meals on time, she is the one who must wash clothes, clean the house etc. everything should be done alone. Then she starts to feel uncomfortable inside her own house. She starts to hate her husband. She does not welcome her husband who comes after working hard at the office. Then, the husband is no longer interested in wife too. If they understood the other person’s situation, this disappointment will never occur. Not understanding the sexual happiness correctly/ not having sexual awareness Most of the time, this is the reason, to many conflicts which happen between the two parties. They do not have enough understanding about sexual happiness. Sometimes, husband tries to get this happiness, but the wife does not able to enjoy it. She feels it as a hurt or a sexual assault. Sexual infantilism is also a big problem which happens in marriage life. The cleanliness is very important in this factor. Furthermore, reading books related to it will be helpful.

Not admiring/appreciating

You must admire others to receive love from them. It is a very useful concept to live because everyone expects admiration. Sometimes just one word will make your loving wife/husband happy than expensive gifts. Because words can touch hearts than anything. So, words are so much powerful. Use this simple trick to have a happy marriage life again!

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