The Incident with My Friend at My Grandparent's Place

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Same as my peers, whenever the summer comes, my parents take me to new places in our country or sometimes we go abroad. However, the place always in my mind that is my countryside where my grandparents are living. My grandparents’ house is not far from the Danang city center, about 10 kilometers. Their house is surrounded by green fields and in the garden, there are lots of kinds of vegetables such as lettuces or truss melons, etc. I used to think that I might feel bored because of the low quality of the infrastructure in the countryside, but after that, my mind has totally changed due to the appearance of a chicken, which I considered as one of my best friends in this area. I still remember the day that I went to the market with my grandmom, from the moment I saw this little friend, I tried to persuade my grandmom to purchase this friend for me and how happy I was when I got this friend, I named it after my favorite character in the film that is Anne. At first, this little friend always tried to stay away from me, maybe because I was so strange to her, but some next days, when I was gradually close to her, we really had a good time together.

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But things got worse until 1 day, my friend whose name is Lily came to my grandparents’ house to play with me. After playing a chasing game with Anne and Lily, my grandpa told me to buy cigarettes for him and at that time, I left Lily at home with my best friend but I had no doubt about what coming next. When my chicken was engrossed in following its prey that was a little rat, Lily was afraid of my chicken would get lost and could not return home, so she ran after and tried to force Anne to go back. Maybe because Lily was its barriers to catch the target which made my beloved Anne went crazy and she could not stand it, so Anne bit Lily by using its mouth to peck at Lily's leg that made Lily's leg broke a long trail and lost a lot of blood. Because Lily was really hurt, so she started to yell and at the time I heard Lily's voice, I tried to go home as fast as I could, but everything had already happened. When I got home, I saw my grandparents disinfect and bandage Lily's wounds. After that, my grandparents took Lily to the nearest hospital and luckily, a doctor said that Lily's wound was still fine, it was not serious as we thought and Lily could go home. Although I have apologized for many times and Lily said it was not my fault, but until now, whenever thinking of that day, I always feel guilty with Lily for not doing anything to prevent this problem.

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