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Cosmetology, the issue with this industry is that a lot of products have chemicals, and some may be harmful not only for the consumer but also animals. This issue does have a solution because I mean every issue can be resolved in some way. We will start by educating the consumer making them understand why organic products are healthier. Also, by selling organic products however there is a process to this solution. I propose that in order to help solve this issue creating a business and salons worldwide that only carry organic products and therefore if successful it might have a good impact in this industry.

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The issue begins with chemicals that may be harmful to consumers even though they make sure to check that these products are safe there are times that they aren't properly checked. Also, animal testing these innocent animals get harmed due to the testing of chemicals on them. This was brought to my attention because organic products work so well, and they are so healthy too. I thought to myself why everyone doesn't just stick to the organic it benefits all. The consumers and animals are the ones who are affected by the problem of all product's not being organic because the consumer is putting all these chemical's on their body and well animals they are the ones getting tested on all that harm they go through and sometimes is not even accurate because human and animals are different these animals and up even dying from all these chemical tests.

The way I have it in my head to solve this is like I said to have beauty salons that are 100% organic only try to sell organic products. Also, have shops like Ulta and Sephora but instead full of all organic products. Because I believe this would be competition to other companies and it will have an impact. This then will hopefully get the consumers attention and make them invest in these types of products instead. It will affect companies because now they have competition with an organic company that's worldwide.

Some skills that I've gained from this I learned a lot about chemicals and the way they are tested. Also, business-wise and how to make a business grow and be successful to make this solution work. With hard work and dedication to make this work so these businesses can work and have an impact in this industry.

In conclusion, I feel that this is a little bit of a challenge but if it's something that you really believe it, it can be done. So, let's see where this takes us. 

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