The Influence Nature Versus Nurture Approaches on Child Development

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Nature is your genes and what you inherited from your parents that influence who we are consisting of our physical appearance and characteristics. For example, I am short in height from my mother. As for nurture, it is based on all the environmental experiences that impact who we are this includes, personal experience, how you were brought up, childhood experiences, social relationships, culture and religion. For example, I have manner because my parents taught me how to say “please” and “thank you.” There have been studies in different fields to determine whether or nature is more important than nurture. Scholarly research shows that the interplay of nature and nurture affect parenting, personality and behavior. The concerning challenge is problematic to know whether someone was born with traits or having the environment affect them.

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Parental control involves discipline, monitoring technology, but have an affective side or caring, recognition, and support. Reasoning with their children is very important to show right from wrong but also showing their love for them at the same time to show they are not the enemy. The parent’s behavior can affect the child down the road and can traumatize them from potentially being vulnerable. Parenting is the biggest role in nurture and how they child is raised and if they are raised right. “Parents already have power over the sort of people their children will turn out to be.” (book) Which is because the parents provide the nurturing. If kids are around parents that do not care and show no affection towards them then this can affect them in the future with how they interact with others and if they ae more reserved or outgoing. Studies say that “One challenge comes from the charge that there is little compelling evidence of parents’ influence on behavior and personality in adolescence and adulthood.” (article) “The things children experience while they are growing up are just as important as the things they are born with.” (book) each nature and nurture have a big role in how your children turn out to be which is the most important thing and if they do not get that nurturing from their parents then it could possibly affect them in the future and how they turn out to be. Parents tend to mirror how they were raised and carry that over to how they raise their children since they do not know any other way. This can have a huge effect since maybe as a child they were abused but some do not want to reflect how they were raised as a child because they do not want to go through the same thing as they did. Studies say the longitudinal designs help distinguish parenting effects from the child’s characteristics.

Identical twin studies are one of the most commonly used methods that tests how nature affects personality. This contains using the five-factor model. There are five categories which are used to evaluate personality. This category consists of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Identical twins think and feel in the same way. The identical twins study shows that if separated at birth and reunited in adulthood it is like they have known each other their whole lives. Twins even suspect that they are connected to telepathy. Twins are very similar mathematically, verbally and have about the same intelligence. As for their personality traits, it is quiet the same, again. Some traits consist of agreeing, openness to experience, introversion etc. Even with controversial subjects such as religion, abortion, music etc. not only do they are the same taking tests in class, but their behavior can also be seen in getting a divorce, crimes, car accidents etc. in the case of Abigail van Buren and Ann Landers they both had written the same exact columns. Identical twins who are raised in the same home are just the same as twins who were raised separately.

Many researchers have tried to untangle the unknown of how personality is established. different pieces make up to produce a personality. “Personality is the unique and relatively enduring set of behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and motives that characterize an individual (Feist & Rosenburg, 2012).” Such example of a personality is loving, caring, openness, encouraging etc. people usually react to a situation they are familiar with. People gain knowledge from experience and different situations which then shapes their character. Culture is also a factor into personality and nurture. Culture consists of being in a location where habits of a community are involved. Therefore, if you are raised in a poor financial community, they are more likely to have a keen sense of survival than those living in a wealthier town.

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