The Influence of Education and Work Experience on Salary of Pro

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Abstract In 1965, already independent from Malaysia, Singapore started building its foundational groundings from scratch and after the long strive and struggle for success, it has now become a technological leader. This journey of Singapore to reinvent itself accredits the country’s human capital who proved to be vital for the continues growth and development of the country while focusing towards infrastructural development as an alternative approach because the country had insufficient natural resources. The country focused on the in house development first by involving all local, small and big infrastructural development experts.

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The country approached the notion through adopting an efficient method, where Public Relations Officer played the mediating role between the contractors, community and state Land Transport Authority , working together with the engineers and those in charge of the construction companies. The projects expanded in 2008 and so was the demand for public relations officials in each project, when the work increased. The experience was considered more significant than education, most of these people had self-learned-knowledge without having a university degree but still they had a better monetary compensation for their services; whilst the fresh graduates did not accede to these works. This document will study the influence of the educational level and years of experience on the monetary compensation (salaries & wages) earned as public relations officer in the railway projects of the Land Transport Authority subjecting to the construction industry of Singapore. The study also encompasses a detailed literature review in order to analyze the extent to which educational background and working experience influence the monetary standing of an individual at the workplace specifically in the domain of the construction industry of Singapore while studying the role of public relations officers. Educational perspective includes the years of study productivity, efficiency and training.

The experience acquired is analyzed by the number of years one has served on the position along with the reputation, functions and performance. The two characteristics are important, in some cases becoming complementary when developing a task and at the same time so substitute each other, depending on the project that makes the difference at the time of obtaining a job and the level of salary that is granted. On the other hand, gender differences are also taken into account in public relations and salary functions for analysis. Despite being an industry in which women have a high percentage of representation, it is men who tend to have a higher salary and obtain the best jobs. Regarding the methodology, both qualitative and quantitative data has been presented. Qualitative mode endured three-level interview which involves transcripts and comparisons of the ideas intending to address the research questions and develop relevant themes, patterns and subtopics. Determining the characteristics that stand out of a Public Relations Officer, such as: roles, quality of work, how qualified is the individual to perform on the position, in addition to its relationship with the salary level and preference (between education and years of experience) that establish entrepreneurs when hiring. On the quantitative data side, three variables which include income as a dependent variable and education and experience categorized as independent variables have been considered. For this, the sample size, confidence level and its respective confidence interval were calculated, giving a precise or acceptable result for the validity of the investigation.

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