The Influence of Hollywood Films on the Indian Youth and Culture

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The Hollywood (American) films, are not simply exhibited to a limited gathering of people dwelling in America, yet they are seen by the gigantic group of onlookers all around the world. Hollywood movies are considerably more relatable and appealing to the young. Likewise these movies overwhelm most of the piece of the pie on the planet film industry. It appears utilising films as a device to mass deliver the American culture is splendid technique. Actually I having a place with the class of individuals who are impacts effectively by such movies be in of any type.The advancement of American culture through movies is where America quietly overwhelms the world by spreading out its own particular culture and convention through the films. These films are observed as a worldwide medium that achieves an enormous measure of gathering of people with a similar message while the film business assumes the main part in the worldwide media framework. The gathering of people gets the message contained in the film nearly the same time they see it, however the perception of the movies are distinctive which relies upon the individual understanding.

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The approach for this research work is a plan of methodologies used as a part of specific zone of study. The tools which were used to coordinate this research were different writings, be it articles accessible on the web or pdf archives. I utilised a totally hypothetical approach. I even viewed a couple of Hollywood movies and read a couple of more articles about the American culture.

The fundamental aim of this study is to examine and decide the impact of Hollywood film on impression of Indian youth towards their way of life adjusted components like physical appearance, mingling exercises, profession choices, family standards and sexual standards. Additionally, in the contemporary time of media merging, it is extremely suitable to think about how introduction to Hollywood film by joining with different types of media and relational interchanges could prompt a more prominent investment of watcher in social-association issues. Therefore, youth’s interest in media merging society, to look for data on Hollywood film or to share their determined experiences‟ is additionally investigated theoretically. Generally, five factors were recognized and considered, in particular – Physical appearance, Mingling exercises, Profession choices, Family standards and Sexual standards.

Thus the finding have been categorised further as follows:

  1. Viewing pattern of the youth
  2. Physical appearance
  3. Socialization
  4. Career Choices
  5. Functioning of a family

Viewing Pattern of the youth

Seeing examples of youth as far as their favoured shows go they rely upon to get to Hollywood silver screen, the favoured TV motion picture stations, most loved classification (class) of the Hollywood film, different limited time factors that impacted the watcher in picking a motion picture, different „motives‟ that drove the young to see the film, the social and mental needs that are gotten from Hollywood silver screen seeing lastly the other kind of motion pictures favoured by the watchers (other than Hollywood). A portion of these issues are talked about among the low, direct, and substantial watchers and furthermore attempted to investigate how male and female reach to it. As far as most preferred genre goes, Action films are mainstream with Indian youth. Around majority of the respondents say they prefer action, took after nearly by animated films preceding comedy, Sci-fi and thriller. As to and female inclinations, no one-sided contrasts are seen as the Action, Thriller, sports and Comedy genres have become well known even with female respondents. The general discoveries reason that there is an amazing movement when all is said in done recognition that “ladies incline toward Romantic Films over Action and Thriller “, it turns out that the ratio of men to women who prefer Romantic movies is more.

Physical Appearance

Seeing the youth today in India roaming on the streets or in malls or anywhere, we see majority of the men and women sporting a look inspired by Hollywood stars for instance the iconic Robert Downey Jr. beard or haircut. We see majority of them dawning western outfits either jeans, t-shirts, dresses etc it has become very common whereas people dressed in Indian wear like kurta, pyjama, khadi etc stands out of the crowd as if they are a different kind altogether. The viewers of Hollywood films are also very choosy about what to wear and also are very conscious about their appearance regardless of their sex. Its a misnomer that only women are conscious regarding their appearance. Nowadays everyone is conscious of their appearance their face their physique. The whole concept of having a good physique has come from Hollywood films naming a few characters that inspire people to stay fit:

Chis Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Evans as Captain America

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Henry Cavill as Superman

And many more.


To break down the impact of Hollywood film in building up the youthful viewers‟ recognition towards „Socializing Activities‟, 15 articulations are assembled and estimated in six perspectives i.e., Western kind of associating as a learning tool‟ Bar culture as another relaxation movement and energising thing Acknowledgment of women‟s part in bar culture Routine with regards to American inflection/languages to pick up character and to grow professionally Dine out‟ Culture as another method for holding while at the same time looking for fulfilment of greetings, western nourishment culture, and Hollywood silver screen as a best source to find new side interests like bicycle dashing, trekking, go outdoors, western music, techno methods for mingling like taking an interest in long range informal communication destinations and so on. The primary theory anticipated that overwhelming watchers of Hollywood silver screen tend to demonstrate enthusiasm for mingling exercises to a higher degree than direct and low watchers. These western films are to be thanked for the dating culture that now India has imbibed, earlier in India the girls were not supposed to let down their veils when strangers were around, in front of guests. Education and English language itself is a blessing that Hollywood films have brought into our country. The whole concept of Marriage has changed over the years. Hollywood films have acted both as a blessing as well as curse to our society.

Naming a few of the Socializing Activities:

  • Bars
  • Night Clubs
  • Family gatherings
  • Camping
  • Cycling
  • A lot of sports
  • Trecking etc.

Apart from these activities we also imbibed a few amazing dance forms from the west via their Films like:

  • Salsa
  • Zumba
  • Tango
  • Tap Dance
  • Cha Cha etc.
  • It also introduced us with various other genres of music like:
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • ACAPella
  • Metal etc.
  • Career Choices

Impact of Hollywood silver screen in developing the youthful viewers‟ discernment towards their profession choices, 6 explanations are gathered and estimated in four autonomous factors i.e., Self perspectives in vocation choices Money related freedom Hollywood film as propelling device to pick of in vogue vocations like Illustrations, SFX, altering, photography, music, expressions, VJs, DJs, film making and so on., and Hollywood film impacts to point/move for abroad examinations or life settlement. In India till date there are 3 careers conceived the most stable namely.

Lawyers doctors engineers

But slowly and steadily creative fields are getting recognitions thanks to western films, India now has many DJs, Musicians, Actors, Dancers. We are a progressive nation thanks to these films now dancers are not looked down upon they are receiving the respect they deserve. Earlier in India dance and music was a means of entertainment for the royals.

For instance Tansen during King Akbar, and girls used to dance for the kings in front of a huge audience.

Functioning of a Family

To examine the impact of Hollywood silver screen in building up the youthful viewers ‟discernment towards family standards, fourteen proclamations are gathered and estimated as far as 5 singular factors, specifically – Need to have a say ‟ Positive association with guardians/older folks Favouring self decision marriage and atomic families, Liberal towards the idea of couples living together without marriage, and supporting the idea of separation also known as Divorce. Heavy viewers of Hollywood films agree with such practices. The idea of separation and live in relationships. If we see Hollywood films they are based on the western (American) culture where once the child reaches the age of 15 or 16 he / she is now independent, the parents do not question them, they are left alone. The films promote the western culture that is individual centred which means even within a family every individual is different and independent there is lack of connection. Here in India our culture is community centred when we talk about family its a whole unit we talk about, we have a very protected environment but we do not realize it, all we see in films is the freedom that they have, freedom to choose their own career, freedom to live their life on their own terms, freedom to love and all other sorts of freedom. This freedom to the Indian youth appears to be attractive and they wish to live such kinds of lives and develop a rebellious attitude towards our parents, blinded by the desire of such a freedom we misinterpret our parents protective attitude and affection for a controlling and dominating attitude.

The study helped me learn the solid grip of Hollywood silver screen in India particularly among the urban youth, independent of the sex. Youth who come between the age of 15 to 20 years comprises the majority of the viewers of Hollywood Films. Among substantial watchers of study, a larger part are from high society social orders. It is expected from the examination that higher financial status can upgrade the odds of getting to and seeing Hollywood films through different customised sources like owning an individual television, PC, workstation, rapid Web broadband office, smartphones, owning DVDs, and assemble objects/items made on well known stars, characters like toys, trinkets. Youth gets to Hollywood films through simplest and least expensive methods for sources like TV channels, DVDs and the net, avoiding a trip to the theatres. As far as most preferred genres go, Action films are more well known with the Indian youth. No one-sided contrast amongst male and female viewers is seen as the genres like Comedy, Action, Thriller,Suspense, Sci-fi and Games genres have become well known even with female youth. We also see how these well built actors and toned actresses inspire the youth to stay conscientious of their appearance, how to maintain themselves.

The impact of Hollywood films on individual conduct and practices is nearly more on frequent viewers than on occasional viewers. A relationship between the thought processes to see Hollywood film and the impact of Hollywood on the conduct and practices of the watchers is obviously found in the investigation.countless who see Hollywood films with an intention ‘to relate’ have unequivocally concurred they get a kick out of the chance to relate themselves with characters they like, consider the most loved performing artists as good examples, and emulate their idiosyncrasies. They likewise concurred that Hollywood film impacted them to get acquainted with better approaches for mingling and go for voyaging abroad. Youth who see Hollywood films with an intention of ‘American interest’ have concurred that Hollywood film indicated noteworthy effect on their conduct like embracing new pastimes, trying to move abroad, get American Pronunciation and Language, to look modern relate with characters, consider them as good examples and deliberately mimic their characteristics. Youth who see Hollywood films to satisfy their brains’ might relate themselves with characters they like and get acclimated with better approaches for mingling. Youth who see Hollywood film with a rationale ‘to fulfil their natural deeds of excitement’, concurred that they have been impacted by Hollywood to accomplish a lavish life with materialistic solaces, and yearned for travelling abroad.

One the basis of the survey conducted it is observed that most of the respondents are more inclined towards the creative field of work be it acting, dancing, writing etc. The survey shows that 95.2% of the respondents are wiling to work in the creative field as compared to the 4.8% willing to join the rat race to become Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers.85% of the respondents agree that Hollywood films do influence the Indian culture. On being asked which culture would they prefer to live in 57.1% of the respondents chose the American culture.

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