The Influence of My Mother

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The Influence Of My Mother

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The kindest eyes I have ever seen, come from a woman with an endless supply of love. Our mothers usually mean a lot to us, when thinking of my mom a lot comes to me, she gave birth to me, and raised me; completely forgetting herself. Mother’s willingly sacrifice themselves for their children, purely out of love, expecting nothing in return. In a category of their own, mothers have an inner strength making them strong, competent, and capable. The most notable teacher, a woman of courage, love, wisdom, and compassion, who passed it all onto us. Some people fortunate enough were given more love and care than needed, some didn’t. Our mothers without a doubt impact us in more than one way, and still when we think of family the first person that comes to mind is that of Mom.

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Although it took me a couple of years to realize, my mother has played an eminent influence on my life. Growing up in a poor family, my mother learned at an early age you must work hard to earn a living. Due to her family losing their farm, my mother taught herself the strong will to succeed when she learned her true capacity of dealing with difficulties and to pick herself up every time she fails. I vividly remember the tragedy struck down on my family when my dad was promoted, that’s always joyful news until you learn you’re required to move. We had to see our home and leave for another state to begin from “nothing”. This was a critical time for my family, and everyone seemed to be extremely distressed. But it was mother, the tenacious and courageous woman, who powerfully stood up and started over again after this hardship. Each one of my mother’s failures, her anguish, and her persistence to overcome great difficulties has made an unquestionable impression in my mind.

My mom use to always tell me, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again. ” That quote throughout the years has always stuck with me, at a young age my mother taught me failure is not an option. Leaving me with valuable lessons about tireless struggles, strong values, always confronting and conquering my setbacks. The term “Unconditional love” is studied as affection or love without any conditions or limits. Truth be told, the purest form of unconditional love you’ll receive will come from your mother. I don’t think many understand how life changing it is to always, no matter how unloveable, not good enough, not smart enough, or anything enough you have someone standing with you, with an endless supply of it.

Throughout every phase of my life, from depending on my mother, wishing she’d get off my back, and now hoping she never leaves. My mom is the truest friend I have, when the weight of the world falls upon me, when problems take the place of solutions, and when friends desert me, my mom is always there loving me every step of the way. The kind of love that your mother gives you is meaningful, good or bad she stays beside you. When things are perfect and life is good, loving someone is simple. But loving someone when everything is difficult, mistakes are made, flaws evident, that’s what allows you to see the true love one has for you. That’s exactly what my mom does for my sister and I, she loves us both times good and bad. Describing my mother’s love is impossible, it’s a feeling few truly experience, can truly understand. My mother taught me love is patient, and in love it requires quite a lot of patience.

My mom isn’t the most patient, when she wants something she wants it right then, and there. But her demeanor changes with me, she’s patient with me, she listens to what I have to say, actions I must take, and changes her attitude. When you love someone no matter how impatient you become, you make time to listen to those you love, and care about. You can change your attitude a bit, even slightly just for someone you love. Sacrifices are made to ensure the better cause of someone or something even if you lose all from it. There is strength is my mother’s sacrifice, everyday my mom sacrifices herself, and her needs in order to ensure the happiness of my sister and I. My mom is my biggest fan, in some ways visible and booming, and other ways silently in the background. Undoubtedly, my mom is the backbone of our family, out of all roles that makes us up, being a mom is the most difficult of them all.

My mom holds the family structure together, and ensures the well being of us all before herself. Being a mom is no smooth sailing especially for mine, with two teenage girls the best person to take all our anger out on is mom. I take out every temper tantrum, and angst out on my mom without a second thought. It’s so easy to get lost in the moment and take everything out on the person who you know will never leave, we take for granted the people who love us most without realizing it.

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