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The Influence Of Social Media On The English Language

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More than three billion people around the world use social media. An average person spends about two hours every day, liking, sharing and posting. English has become commonly used in media, we are constantly being subjected to it. With so many people around the world using social media, how will it impact the English language?

Social media has had a substantial impact on the number of people who are able to communicate with, it has enabled us to learn about different cultures, learn new perspective and meet new friends. With English being the most dominant language on social media the majority of people do not ensure the proper use of the language. Therefore new words and trends are bound to appear. A few years ago we had never heard the words ‘’selfie’’, ‘’hashtag’’ or ‘’emoji’, while today we use them daily. We are also giving words new meanings like the word profile, a few years ago you would think this meant the side of a person’s face or an object, while today in social media a profile is your homepage. We are creating innovative ways of communicating with people around the world using English as predominant languages. The use of acronyms like OMG (Oh my god), TTYL (Talk to you later) are just a few examples of us saving time and writing as little as possible. Some acronyms like Yolo (you only live once) have made their way into the Oxford Dictionary. Some may argue that social media is ensuring poor grammar and a disregard for the proper use of English language. But social media is also giving people around the world a chance to learn English. With the new generation constantly being subjected to English they will learn how to speak and write it at an early age. Some argue it is good for kids to be subjected to English at an early age, while some feir the growth of English in social media and it becoming a global language will surpass smaller languages. I speak three languages Icelandic, Swedish and English. Even though i do not speak and write English on a daily basis I do listen and read it daily. I prefer listening to podcast, music and reading articles in English, opposed to Icelandic or Swedish. Because of the effects of social media, with people becoming more dependent on English opposed to their mother tongue. Some worry about Icelandic being a smaller language, with only 358 000 native speakers, it will disappear.

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The English language is adapting and evolving, it will continue to change as long we use it. Social media has provided us a platform to be innovative and creative, without any grammatical rules. English is and always has been evolving, social media has made it more noticeable and making it evolves faster. Because of social media we are able to communicate with we world, make new friends, learn from each other. We are making new word….


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