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The Injustice is that Athletes Earn so Much

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I love barbequing on my grill, so do you think anyone will pay me millions of dollars to watch me grill? I think not! Grilling is a hobby, just like fishing, stamp collecting and yes, sports. I’m talking about the overpaid arrogant, entitled athletes that fans spend their hard earned, working at a real job, dollars to see. It seems with each new generation, these athletes become more and more reckless and less like role models.

Sure, I tune in for Monday night football and an occasional professional basketball game, but that does not mean that I agree with the pay scale. Teachers and school administrators shape the mind of future generations, as well physicians whom deliver life and care for people up until death, yet these people are paid less than the men and the women on are TV screen passing, bouncing, and hitting a ball. Somewhere along the way these athletes have become the role models our youth look up to. What happened, to wanting to become a doctor, lawyer, or policeman? Furthermore, when did we allow a sport to own a day of the week?

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With each new generation, the pay scale has been set higher and higher. The sum of all the paychecks from the all athletes would erase this country’s debt! That’s just a little food for thought, think about it. What if every major contract had a clause in it, making each athlete give a percent to less fortune or to teacher’s network. Then we would have higher paid teachers and educators. As America grows we continue to fall to the bottom of the chart of education. Kids relate professional athletes to role models not the real heroes such as educators and firefighters. Growing up everybody wanted to be a professional athlete watching them on TV is very exciting. But the real picture is most of us want ever make it to that level. Now, for the ones who did is it too much to ask for a contribution. The answer to that is no it’s not.

Most athletes, not all, come from poverty, and see sports as the only way out. These young people whom have had nothing are given millions of dollars and sent on their way. Without the highest paid athletes in the world, we must also give them some type of financial knowledge. Giving a young adult who is eighteen years old five million dollars and expecting him or her to be responsible with it is not going to work. In fact, most athlete after their career have nothing to show for it except bunch of bills. Why not force them to have or assign a financial advisor with ever contract signed. Sounds simple, right? Well, we all know it’s more to it than just that. Even though it’s for the better good, this would cause boycotts and possible long term holdouts. So, the second-best option is to do advise a financial advisor for a minimum of two years while the players are under contract. This would ensure responsible decisions are being made. I applaud the NBA for not letting you straight into the league right after high school. The only option you have is to wait a year after high school or enroll in college. Of course, if you have the talent to skip high school and go straight to pros then, you obviously have enough talent to get a scholarship. The league knew this would be a potential problem letting in young minors. Most of them spent their contract balances before even hitting the court. This was a trend for the longest until the commissioner step in and enforced rule changes. Passing a league policy that you must sit out a year or enroll in college before making it to the NBA. A lot of people protested this policy and even hired lawyers to get it removed. In the end, policy held its ground and still applies now. I personally believe this kept a lot of athletes from filing bankruptcy. I wish it was enforced in all professional sports.

Many athletes become financially unstable after their career ends. With millions of dollars to spend at a very young age and no positive mentors around, they make bad decisions. For example, some go out and buy huge mansions, while others buy several cars to drive. In today society, everybody wants to “keep up with Jones” I know we heard this saying more time than we would like. All it takes is a blown ACL to end a career just like a snap of a finger, are in this case a snap of a knee. Most contracts are incentive base, in other words you only get paid for performance on field or court. Like for football if you receive “X” amount of touchdowns in return you get a bonus check or guaranteed money. But if you are nursing a torn ACL how can make that check on sideline? The body is quite fragile and is not meant to endure rigorous hits. While watching, a movie called the “Concussion” this has really open my eyes up to the world of sports. The movie is about a African American doctor who exposes what happens to football players who take head forced trauma from football. Some of the players after football actually started committing suicide. This was happening more often in the NFL than ever, so this African doctor investigated this situation to get a better understanding. His findings were unheard of nobody wanted him to present this to the public. He found that taking multiple shots to the head does something to brain making a human act in a very odd fashion. The public didn’t want to believe the facts presented to them. Why not, because everybody loves football it’s America’s sport. We even dedicate a day out the week to it. Church and football share the same day, now how powerful is that.

Now on the other hand athletes are entertainers, just a different kind of an entertainer. When we hear the word entertainer we automatically think of comedians, actors, etc. Athletes are much more of a different entertainer. Some of them take a great responsibility of being role models and leaders in local communities. Having great charity and raising awareness of domestic violence. In my opinion this great thing to do, I applaud it. Have you ever gone to your local grocery store and picked a box of “Earl Campbell’s hot links’? I have, this is what we call a very smart business move. I imagine some financial advisor or mentor pushed this move. It pays to have great people around you who care about your outcome. The NFL is the reason he could purchase hot link company, it was a golden opportunity. Earl also put a lot of his hard-earned money back into the community football camps just to name one. By giving the less fortunate kids chance to stay out of trouble and jail or worst. In east Texas, he is considered a legend for all the contributions to the community. His football career lead to all these great accomplishments.

Now, I ask you again are athletes over paid? Yes, they are well over paid to play a hobby. We could so much more with all the millions of dollars wasted on luxury cars and big mansions. Let’s put that money towards building new schools, upgrading the existing ones. High paying jobs for educators more money towards neighborhoods, more recreation centers for young adults and kids. The potential to better the community is endless. We have schools that are reading older edition books that are not even up to date to the modern world. I don’t want to seem like I’m only blaming our professional athletes because we all play a role in this society. But when your salary is advertised on ESPN or media outlets it’s hard to ignore the obvious. We as fans pay the salary for these so called “super stars”. When the buzzer goes off and they turn the lights off that’s it. Back to your nine to five without anything to show but a ticket stub. Let’s wake up America we can’t keep this trend up. It’s only giving a false hope to our youth that sports conquer education. Let’s break this trend stand up for what’s right.


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