The Innovative Use of Glucose Sensors to Monitor the Level of Glucose


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Glucose monitoring is a technology that has been used to monitor diabetes for the last thirty years. There has been evolution of glucose, started with glucose measuring methods that used enzymes to determine the content. Nowadays there is plenty of glucose monitoring devices that give exhaustive information about glucose content. Glucose sensors devices are used to measure blood for glucose level then the medical professional can adjust the glucose thus maintain euglycaemia (Tuchin, 2009).

Modern glucose sensors have features whereby are non –aggressive and monitor continuously. The first glucose monitors to emerge during the 1970s used enzyme to detect glucose. The devise used enzyme based reagent that whereby color change would determine the quantity of glucose in the blood. Then the glucose monitoring devise was authorized to be used at home where patients and people were able to monitor their sugar level and help them to monitor themselves which helped in reducing hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia (Tuchin, 2009).

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In the 1980s self-glucose monitoring gained popularity among many people. It was used in cases of pregnancy among diabetes mellitus women. People who had complications of hypoglycemia and ketosis also used the method. People who were disposed to hypoglycemia and may not be aware or do not show any symptoms. People who had renal glucose thresholds abnormalities and those who were in critical treatment had to be injected every day.

An epitome of a glucose sensor should inhabit a fast, selective and flexibility traits when detecting glucose for faster response(Tuchin, 2009). It should also be able to contingent to any signal both the opposite and productive. The glucose should be versatile and be able to achieve results at a low cost and in large scale. The devise should also be user friendly in way that the patient can use it without causing more health complication or any physical strain and easy use. The durability of the glucose sensor is also a major consideration, whereby it should function for long period of item almost lifetime.

When a patient uses a glucose sensor devise it should d be able to monitor the changes in glucose frequently, providing data the current item, direction, level, frequency, and any probable cause of wavering of the glucose levels. It should give an alarm in case of rapid drop of glucose or when change in the level of the glucose fast.

The most important question is how effective are the glucose sensors. Well there are different ways to the accuracy and precision of the glucose sensors. There are two methods to the accuracy, which are linear regression and correlation co-efficient (Mukundan, 2008). In a medical view the accuracy of a glucose sensor is depended on direction and magnitude.

There are noninvasive glucose sensors that do not have to break the physically obstruct the skin. This sensor uses physical energy to assess interstitial fluid or blood to determine glucose level. Such sensors are produced by Transdermal Technologies. Non-invasive glucose sensors such as optical transducers use light in different variables to determine glucose. Light is able to react with glucose molecules depending on their concentration.

Infrared absorption spectroscopy is used to detect glucose by measuring the wavelength of the spectrum when it comes in contact with the molecules and when it leaves the molecules. The absorption bands are depended with size of the molecule before and after. Polarimetry is another technique to measure the glucose. The glucose sensor that applies this mechanism, it measures the optical rotary dispersal of polarized light. Polarized light is the light that contained in the waves that are wavering in the same plane.

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