The Intensity of True Love Throughout Romeo and Juliet Play

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 The play Romeo and Juliet is well known for demonstrating the intensity of true love and illustrating the power of what passion can do. However, when one starts to look beyond the seemingly harrowing tragedy of what two people will do for love, the truth remains that Romeo and Juliet were nothing more than foolish teenagers. In this tragic love story, the reader is exposed to all the dangers that come with intense infatuation fabricated by the childish impulses Romeo and Juliet shared. Therefore, this play displays the consequences of two foolish teenagers who share a superficial relationship and the power that juvenile lust has.

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Just hours before Romeo met the apparent love of his life, Juliet, he was agonizing over another woman, Rosaline. This unrequited love he had for her was so powerful, it threw him into a depression, demonstrating just how deeply Romeo felt for her. Despite these powerful emotions, he was able to fall in love with Juliet almost instantly, proving that his love for both these women must have been without depth or true passion. Romeo went from claiming Rosaline was the most beautiful woman in the world, to believing that title belonged to Juliet. Romeo felt that he could not have been actually in love with Rosaline, as his lustful attraction to Juliet was much more powerful, depicting how fickle and immature Romeo truly is. Also worth mentioning is that Romeo’s love for Juliet could have only felt as gratifying as it did because unlike Rosaline, Juliet actually loved him back. For example, Romeo said to the Friar that “Her I love now / Doth grace for grace and love for love allow. / The other did not so.” 

 These two teenagers were both extremely foolish and had a relationship built on a foundation of childish impulses. When Lady Capulet was asking Juliet about marriage, she seemed disinterested and quite frankly unpleased. However, after laying her eyes on Romeo, that opinion apparently changed, for not even a day later, the two were married. Not only does this exhibit how impulsive they were, but also that they clearly lacked the common sense to realize the immaturity of their actions. To truly love someone, you have to know and share an intimacy with them, which is not something that develops over a day. Romeo and Juliet were both extremely foolish to believe that the infatuation they were feeling was that of true love. Nevertheless, this recklessness could have been due to how young they were. As Capulet explained at the start of the play, “My child is yet a stranger in the world. / She hath not seen the change of fourteen years.”  Juliet had not experienced much of her life, nor had she ever been in love, which may have been a contributing factor in their hasty relationship. 

They became so deeply infatuated by their sexual attractions that they lost their common sense and ended up becoming a danger to themselves. From the first time they saw each other, they believed that they were in love. In fact, after only fourteen lines of dialogue, the two shared their first kiss. This proves that they were only looking for physical gratification and were only attracted to each other's appearances. Real love is something that grows over time, so the cliche of love-at-first-sight is based purely on superficial qualities. It can be inferred that they were also sexually attracted to each other because not only do they rush to spend the night together, but when Juliet presumed Romeo dead, she was upset because she did not get the chance to sleep with him. “But I, a maid, die maiden-widowed. / Come, cords.—Come, Nurse. I’ll to my wedding bed. / And death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead!”

 The two were so physically and mentally infatuated, that any common sense they had was overpowered by their lustful cravings. Their intense desire for each other was so overwhelming, that they felt as if they physically could not live without each other. This evidently shows how dangerous it can be when two teenagers with raging hormones fall into the trap of youthful love. While these two teenagers may have the reputation of being the ideal of true love, The play Romeo and Juliet has a deeper meaning. Behind the themes of immature romance lie deeper messages regarding the ramifications of irrational teenagers. Shakespeare intensely displayed the effects of childish impulses and the potentially devastating infatuation that follows. 

Furthermore, the story of Romeo and Juliet relays the consequences of being star-crossed lovers and the capacity that teenage lust has on the naive minds of those who fall into its grasp.                   

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